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After enjoying 2-3 days in Finland’s Arctic, fly down to Helsinki, where you need only spend one night to enjoy the sights of the capital city, of which the most (only?) How Long Should You Spend in Scandinavia? Whether you stay in a hotel here, or camp on land that you can actually buy (for pennies on the euro, no less), this place is totally gorgeous in fall—no aurora required. Le but étant de voir les fjords par la belle route côtière Fv17, puis les îles Lofoten, de dépasser le mythique cercle polaire à la rencontre de la Laponie, territoire Same, de croiser des rennes, des élans et des sapins. Scandinavia is expensive and each country uses its own currency, but the good news is that it has perhaps the highest rate of credit card acceptance in the entire world. Here are some of our favourite long-distance journeys, plus a couple of shorter drives that allow you to see the best of the Scandinavia’s scenery as a quick and easy day trip. Je vais matter ca sur une carte. Once docked at Naantali, it’s a short (15km) drive to Turku, Finland’s oldest city and former capital, and a great place to spend your second night. Short on time and want a quick intro to Scandinavia? Highlights include the aforementioned Gamla Stan, the Katarina viewpoint in Slussen, Drottningholm Palace (Sweden’s Versailles) and the Stockholm Archipelago, which you can enjoy on a day trip—speaking of which, I recommend spending 2-3 of them here. Regardless of how much your trip costs you (for two weeks in Scandinavia, I would conservatively say that 2,500 USD per person is the least you can hope to spend), Wi-Fi is prevalent and also, it’s easy to buy local SIM cards for your phone and tablet upon arrival in each country. Option one RE: Finland and its Arctic region is to book 2-3 nights at the aforementioned igloo resort where, if you’ll lucky, you’ll be able to watch the Northern Lights if you sleep. Vous pourrez ainsi voir une bonne partie des lieux dont je vous parle dans mon Top 25 des endroits à visiter à Vancouver. Oslo to Helsinki. Depuis quelques semaines, ... Honnêtement, la seule raison pourquoi ne pas faire un road trip en Scandinavie, c’est que vous n’avez pas de permis. Sympa pour les conseils. Road trip de 3 semaines en Islande: itinéraire, choix du véhicule, équipements emportés, etc ... Ce serait sur 2 semaines, en août (pas le choix), ... Ns desirons partir 2 semaines en Scandinavie et visiter en voiture. This week we will put an even bigger worldwide must-see in the spotlight: stunning Norway. In the province of Ångermanland, in north eastern Sweden, the E4 highway heads north from the town of Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik, though a landscape formed during the Ice Age and now protected by Unesco heritage status. Premier et deuxième jour – A faire: Le quartier de Gastown; Chinatown et le jardin chinois du Dr Sun Yat-Sen Q/P car tout dépend du nombre de personnes qui participent. Renting a car is easy and you can almost always take vehicles from one country to another without any hassle or extra charges – but be sure to double check this at the time of booking. get from Copenhagen to Oslo with public transport. Visit Scandinavia is possible most any time of the year, although summer with its long nights is the most popular and winter is the most treacherous, in spite of its beauty. In northern Finland, niche accommodation like Kakslautannen Arctic Resort is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. From here, take a “Norway in a Nutshell” tour (featuring, among other highlights, Norway’s gorgeous fjords), choosing one that ends in Oslo, where you will catch your flight to Finland to continue your Scandinavia itinerary. Je vais parler dans les prochains articles de la préparation de la moto pour partir avec d’abord le choix du 2-roues. There are several different routes from Norway’s second city (Bergen) to its third (Trondheim). Fly from Stockholm to Reykjavik, where you should sleep between 1-2 nights—one if you plan to sleep along the “Golden Circle” of attractions you’ll see on day two, two if you find it easier to base yourself in the capital and drive from there. (NOTE: The scenery you see out your glass igloo is more beautiful in the dead of winter than it is in fall, although that could impact the Norway portion of your two weeks in Scandinavia—choose wisely). Résultats pour «Itinéraires 2 semaines Scandinavie» - Voyage au Danemark, en Suède et en Norvège - Voyage Forum Rechercher > Formulaire de recherche > Résultats de votre ... Road trip en Scandinavie et moyen de locomotion. The first leg of the road trip, from Oslo to Stockholm, is a 600km journey that takes around seven hours. Or, if Iceland ensnares you like it did me, say “ríða henni” (use Google translate to tell you what this means in Icelandic) and follow my Iceland road trip idea. If you have more time, the sleepier towns of Helsingborg and Varberg make for good places to break the journey. Aucunes planifications à l'avance, juste des étapes clés en tête pour nous laisser une grande liberté. (NOTE: If you don’t plan to go to Iceland, you could stop now for the perfect Norway Sweden Finland itinerary—proceed on if you’re looking for an Iceland Norway Sweden Finland Denmark itinerary!). Norway, Après vous être rendu entre Copenhague, Stockholm et Olso, vous avez peut-être prix le … If you’re not sure about driving, this guide shows you how to get from Copenhagen to Oslo with public transport. Amoureux de la nature, Thomas a privilégié les grands espaces pendants ses 2 semaines de road-trip en été : depuis Stockholm jusqu’au sud de la Laponie en passant par la Dalécarlie et la Haut-côte, il a fait un magique voyage en Suède avec 2 enfants de 3 et 6 ans ! One of the best ways to enjoy the dramatic landscapes and sensational scenery of Scandinavia is on a road trip. After around 220km you’ll reach the elegant lakeside town of Karlstad, which makes a good place for a lunchtime break. Pour ce premier road-trip … I won’t lie to you: Scandinavia is the most expensive place to travel in Europe. Voici la description de notre trajet : Nous avons commencé par un avion pour la Finlande, afin de passer quelques jours à Helsinki. Notre itinéraire de 2 semaines Road trip en Croatie. Where you stay in Scandinavia depends on when your Scandinavia itinerary (2 weeks or longer) takes place. Et l’on peut dire que nous n’avons pas été déçus ! Frequently dubbed ‘the world’s most beautiful drive’, and not without reason, the Atlantic Road runs from Bud to Kristiansund along Norway’s west coast. Finland, Le plus long reste celui que nous avons fait en Scandinavie en partant de France, 6250 km parcourus en 3 semaines avec une vieille 206, un excellent souvenir et […] Voici mon expérience de voyage en Road Trip en Scandinavie et notre itinéraire détaillé pour 15 jours d'aventure vers le cercle polaire ! From Helsinki, hop one of the many daily flights to Stockholm, which is the largest city in Scandinavia and the only one that truly feels big. Si ces trois mots vous font vibrer, alors le road trip est certainement fait pour vous ! Choix de l'éditeur . Nous voilà arrivés en Scandinavie ! Une fois qu’on a décidé de partir, la préparation d’un road trip comporte plusieurs étapes. written by katmaarten. Un road trip de la partie ouest des USA à 4. If you want a more touristy feel to your two weeks in Scandinavia, stay in the Gamla Stan Old Town. Tombé sous le charme de ce pays aux étendues sauvages et brutes, nous avons décidé l’été suivant d’y retourner en amoureux. Running along the ‘world’s highest coastline’, this stunning scenic drive may be short, but what it lacks in distance it makes up for in drama. So, whether you’re heading out on a full-length road trip or just doing a dramatic short jaunt, buckle up and enjoy the ride. informs, inspires, entertains and empowers travelers like you. So when we say that we like a place, you know we really mean it. Obviously given Scandinavia’s geographical tendency toward peninsulas and islands (to say nothing of its huge size), you’ll need to fly between countries. Another way to modify your trip would be to plan a Denmark Norway Sweden Finland itinerary, instead of visiting Iceland. Robert founded Leave Your Daily Hell in 2010 so that other travelers would have an entertaining, reliable source of information, advice and inspiration at their fingertips. From the majestic fjords of Norway, to the Arctic reaches of Finland, to the region’s de-facto capital of Stockholm to the ring road of Iceland, there are few other two-week trips you can take with such variety and guarantee of satisfaction than a Scandinavia itinerary. Home » Getting around Scandinavia » 5 of the best Scandinavian road trips. For this particular itinerary for two weeks in Scandinavia, I recommend a visit in September at the earliest, to ensure you’re able to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Et des photos magiques… Dans tous les cas si vous souhaitez parcourir plus. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever withdrawn cash in a Scandinavian country. You could do the whole journey with two long days of driving, but this is not a route you’ll want to rush – you’re best off taking a few days to make the most of landscape, and give yourself plenty of time to stop off for some walks. Road trip scandinavie 2 mois Au programme un itinéraire road-trip de 2 semaines en Scandinavie (15 jours) principalement en Norvège avec un bout en Suède.Le but étant de voir les fjords par la belle route côtière Fv17, de dépasser le mythique cercle polaire à la rencontre de la Laponie, territoire Same, de croiser des rennes et des élans, et des sapins.Un itinéraire en Norvège en étè, à petit budget au. Make sure you take time to stop at some of the scenic viewpoints along the way! We were delighted that we had a… This is Sweden : 3 semaines, 3 filles, 4000 km à travers la Suede. For many travelers, Scandinavia is first among these, not only due to its relative geographical isolation, but also the expense of completing a Scandinavia itinerary. 1) Vancouver (2 jours) Pour ce road trip au Canada de deux semaines, on commence par visiter Vancouver sur 2 jours. QUIZ: Which Scandinavian country suits you best. Il … Three capital cities, two time zones and one ferry – the car journey from Oslo to Helsinki lets you squeeze in a lot of sights in a relatively short space of time. Routes North is an independent travel guide. A roadtrip is always is good way to explore large countries so for this trip I decided to fly in and rent a car for 2 weeks to explore Sweden , Denmark and Norway . Norway: Fjords and Europe’s Rainiest City, Finland: Helsinki and the Middle of Nowhere, Iceland: Tell the Northern Lights to Keep Shining. Need help planning your Scandinavia itinerary? road trip scandinavie Signaler. Carnet de voyage : Voici l'histoire d'un couple d'aventuriers ️ parti faire un road trip de plus de 8000 km en van à travers la Scandinavie... un rêve devenu réalité. La découverte d’un pays ou d’une région, en profitant autant du déplacement que de la destination. You also must go to the ABBA the Museum, where you can sing along with a holographic version of the iconic band. See also: Norway in a Nutshell: the DIY optionRenting a car in ScandinaviaDriving in Sweden. Search below to find a car for your trip! Regardless of where you stay, Stockholm is sure to knock your socks off. De là, nous avons pris un ferry pour Stockholm, où nous avons passé trois jours, à la suite desquels nous avons loué une voiture. Liberté. Gothenberg was a bit off of our radar, but we came to pick up my Volvo at the factory. In Norway and Sweden, I find hotels like Bergen’s Thon Hotel Rosenkrantz and Hellstens Glashus in Stockholm tend to be priced the same as Airbnb apartments that can be cheaper elsewhere. Roadtrip Scandinavia Part 2: Norway. 17 déc. We recommend, which lets you compare rental prices from all of the main providers. Here, you can pick up the E20 to Gothenburg, then the E6 to Oslo. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Road trip scandinavie, Scandinavie, Voyage norvege. 10 jours de road trip entre la Norvège, la Suède et la Finlande… On ne savait pas choisir, on ne voulait pas choisir alors on décidé de faire les trois pays européens de la Laponie d’un coup d’un seul. Vous partez en Norvège cet été ? If you can get a direct flight to Bergen (BGO), head there and bypass boring Oslo, spending at least two days and one night in what is officially Europe’s rainiest city but, in my opinion, one of its most beautiful, and certainly my favorite of the Scandinavian cities. Vous souhaitez visiter la Sardaigne en deux semaines?Parfait, vous êtes au bon endroit ! 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "road trip scandinavie" de Mel Small sur Pinterest. [Nouvel Itinéraire] 2 semaines de road trip en Norvège et Suède. Le road trip est un voyage effectué sur une longue distance généralement en van, camping-car, voiture ou en moto. JC95 Il y a 11 années. This trip follows the fast E18 highway as it sweeps east of Oslo, across Sweden to the port of Kapellskär, on Sweden’s east coast, then continues to Turku in Finland, then finally onto Helsinki. Et de vous donner quelques astuces pour ne pas rentrer ruinés ;) Notre parcours. Drive to Discover a truly regal nation! Pour le reste, il y a quelques éléments à savoir avant votre départ. This trip starts in Copenhagen and ends in Oslo, but much of the journey is spent following the Swedish coastline. Cette pratique est devenue ultra populaire ces derni… From Copenhagen, it’s just a 45-minute drive across the Øresund bridge (a rather hefty toll is payable), to the likeable city of Malmö in Sweden. Iceland’s guest houses like Guesthouse Carina in Vík and Grund í Grundarfjirdi in Grundarfjordur are more expensive than their simplicity would suggest, but are the only way to go in most of that country. Vous avez décidé de faire le tour de la Scandinavie au sens large ! The road zigs-zags and switchbacks along the coast, crossing the mouth of a fjord, with waves often crashing alongside the cars. This road trip itinerary features 5 things to do in Denmark that will show a… the airlines is about as “Norwegian” as it is convenient, ride a ferry across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn, use Google translate to tell you what this means in Icelandic, How to Trek to Everest Base Camp Without Going Broke, 30 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Turkey. Stockholm Archipelago: six of the best islands to visit, Midsummer in Denmark: Celebrating Sankthansaften, 110 cheap and free things to do in Stockholm. Iceland, Tagged as: You should start this particular Scandinavia travel itinerary in Norway for two reasons: One because flights to Norway are cheap, on account of Norwegian Air Shuttle, and two, because this trip is best taken in fall, and the earlier in fall you visit Norway, the better your prospects for good weather during your 2 weeks in Scandinavia are. Voici nos conseils et astuces pour préparer au mieux votre périple en camping-car à la découverte des pays scandinaves, aussi appelés « pays nordiques ».. Présentation de la Scandinavie The ferry goes via the attractive Åland archipelago, a cluster of Swedish-speaking islands that belong to Finland and lie roughly half-way between the two countries. Hrvatska (Croatie) C’est au cours d’un premier voyage en famille que j’ai pu découvrir les paysages exceptionnels de la Croatie. Sweden. Ce sont les prix, bien moins élevés ! 2 semaines intenses avec beaucoup de routes, pas de tout repos mais à la clé des tonnes de souvenirs à se rémémorer ! Want to travel more often? Or, if you fancy yourself more of a hipster, stay in Södermalm, where all the cool kids hang out—certainly the coolest you’ll encounter on this Scandinavia travel itinerary. Une belle région à découvrir en camping-car mais qui nécessite une petite préparation. Three capital cities, two time zones and one ferry – the … But it’s also one of the most rewarding, whether you sail through the fjords of Norway, watch the Northern Lights in Iceland, dance, jive and have the time of your life in Sweden or hang out in Finland’s Santa Claus country. If you fancy stopping off en route, it’s a just short detour off the E4 to the Skuleskogen National Park, where there are some awesome hikes and trails to enjoy. Norvège, itinéraire type pour un road trip de 3 semaines By LoveLiveTravel octobre 2, 2018 octobre 2nd, 2019 2 Commentaires On te propose un itinéraire type pour un road trip de 3 semaines en Norvège, en attendant de découvrir ce beau pays avec bébé. Y avez-vous déjà pensé : faire un Road-trip en Scandinavie. Total distance: 1000km. Avant de vous raconter dans le détail tout notre voyage, j’avais envie de partager avec vous mes conseils pour organiser un road-trip en Norvège. Itinéraire 4 : Danemark, Suède, Norvège, Finlande, Islande (3 semaines et plus) Ca y est, c’est la grande aventure ! Sign up to receive my weekly email newsletter – it's like a trip around the world to end every week! Robert Schrader is the author of 1140 posts on Leave Your Daily Hell. 4 mars 2020 - Découvrez le tableau "road trip Scandinavie" de Mathieu Nikolay sur Pinterest. Scandinavia is relatively easy to explore using public transport, but if you want to tackle any of these road trips you’re going to need some wheels. iconic one is the city’s Lutheran church. The Höga Kusten (or ‘High Coast’) drive passes through pine forests and deep valleys, plus high red granite cliffs and rock formations, with dramatic views over the islands and coastline of Gulf of Bothnia. If you have three weeks in Scandinavia, for example, you can see the Arctic regions of Norway and Sweden, for example. Découvrez mon itinéraire road trip en Scandinavie de 2 semaines, principalement en Norvège avec quelques jours en Suède. The route connects the island of Averøy to the mainland, via a series of eight bridges and islets that run for more than 8km – a serious feat of engineering. Routard . Voir plus d'idées sur le thème road trip scandinavie, scandinavie, road trip. L’itinéraire de notre road trip en Scandinavie. When planning a big trip to Europe, particularly if it’s your first one, it’s tempting to leave some places out given the vastness of the continent. The next day, it’s a 90km drive to Kapellskär, where you can catch a ferry (8–9 hours) in Finland. L’étroitesse des routes norvégiennes. The road continues east, running just north of Stockholm, but you’d be mad to miss out on visiting Sweden’s beautiful capital, which makes a great first-night stop. Two weeks in Scandinavia is an expensive Northern Europe trip to take, but also a priceless one. Planning a trip? On day three, head eastward along the southern coast, stopping in Vík and at the outstanding Diamond Beach (hint: the nearby Glacier Lagoon is one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights) before heading back to Reykjavik the morning of day four in Iceland—this should be about day 12 of your Scandinavian itinerary. The fastest and most direct tours sticks to the main roads, but where’s the fun in that? I’ve just outlined a 2 week Scandinavia itinerary, but that’s not to stay that you can’t spend longer—or that you can’t see these four countries in a shorter period of time. Get our best tips by email! Scandinavia is expensive and each country uses its own currency, but the good news is that it has perhaps the highest rate of credit card acceptance in the entire world. La conception du road trip en Norvège Cet été, nous sommes partis deux semaines en Scandinavie pour visiter la Suède (4 jours) et surtout la Norvège du Sud avec ses fjords (10 jours). You can do the whole trip in around seven hours, but it’s better to take your time to stop en route and enjoy the scenery. The Askevågen viewpoint juts out over the sea about 10km north of Bud, while the Eldhusøya viewpoint, another 20km or so further along, includes a 700-metre path that runs along the top of the visitor centre out around a rocky headland for fantastic sea views. Read Privacy Policy or view sitemap. A more spectacular route heads north via Geirangerfjord, zig-zagging up mountains passes and over ferries, taking in gushing waterfalls and some of Norway’s most dramatic scenery. (Disclosure: It didn’t rain even an instant when I was there.) My name is Robert and I'm happy you're here! Com Salut, Pour ton road trip, la meilleure solution est de louer un camping-car pour 2 semaines ( 1500€ pour 6 personnes sur I booked my flight from Brussels to Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden and upon arrival the free shuttle bus took me to the carpark where I picked up my Volvo V60 rental car from Hertz. At this point, your Scandinavia itinerary two weeks (or maybe a bit longer) would be over: Fly back to your home country (or onward, to your next destination) from Keflavík Airport. This road trip takes you through three countries and two capital cities – plus you’ll get to drive across that iconic bridge. (It is cheap, though, which is why you should discount my shit-talking and continue planning your Scandinavia 2 week itinerary.). Itinéraire: 2 semaines en Sardaigne du Nord – Que faire et voir ? Good stopping points along the way are the pretty fjordside villages of Balestrand and Geiranger, the attractive Art Nouveau town of Ålesund and the coastal town of Kristiansund. Travel blog, travel information, travel advice, travel inspiration. Previous post: Three Outstanding Days in Osaka, Next post: How to Trek to Everest Base Camp Without Going Broke, Riding out the Plague where East meets West. … Comme pour faire durer le plaisir un peu plus longtemps, parce que la Suede fut à la fois photographique et filmique, je vous propose de vous immerger dans l’ambiance qui a rythmé ce road trip, au travers de cette petite vidéo ! Like what you're reading? L. ast week we gave you a photographic taster of our road trip through Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Le but recherché des roadtrippers ? Dans cet article direction la Scandinavie ! Inspiration. Itinérance. Subscribe to email updates today! Comment organiser un road-trip | Happy Us Book 31 janvier 2017 at 08:09 […] l’avance, et dans plusieurs destinations. Two weeks in Scandinavia is an expensive Northern Europe trip to take, but also a priceless one. Au total vous aurez parcouru entre 3100 et 3500 kms soit un total suffisant pour un road-trip de 3. semaines étant donné vos 200 kms par jour inclus. We'll never spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. Our writers never take free stuff. The second option, which is not only more affordable but also less dependent on fall vs. winter is to visit Salla, a town that proudly declares itself the Middle of Nowhere. Nous étions partis pour un grand tour d’Italie de 5 semaines, en passant par tous les plus beaux endroits… Mais 2 jours avant, on s’est dit qu’après plusieurs jours seuls au monde en Croatie, on n’avait aucune envie de se fondre dans la masse des touristes, avec la chaleur à gérer en plus du chien. The following day, it’s a 165km drive to the lively but laid-back seafront capital Helsinki, where you can enjoy boat trips galore and some great free attractions. Words, images and design ©2009-2021 Robert Schrader, All rights reserved. Alternatively, you can carry on to another pretty lakeside town, Örebro, which is home to a 13th-century castle. Here’s an interesting fact: Although you’ll be flying Norwegian Air between Oslo and either Ivalo (first paragraph below) or Rovaniemi (second paragraph) below, you’ll need to connect in Helsinki, since the airlines is about as “Norwegian” as it is convenient. Or, you could ride a ferry across the Baltic Sea to Tallinn. On the other hand, you can mostly use land transport (trains in Norway, for example, or renting a car in Iceland) within each country, with Finland a notable counterexample due to the points of interest I’ve recommended. Ce petit pays est surprenant et durant nos trois semaines de road trip nous avons pu … Or again, if you have three weeks or longer in Scandinavia, you could simply add Denmark to the four Scandinavian countries I’ve recommended thus far.

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