wp Zimmer

wpZimmer is an international workspace for the arts, with a focus on performance, dance and hybrid artistic practices. The organisation revolves around the needs of artists, their desire to research or create and the development of their skills and practices.

Type of residency

The open residency programme supports a wide range of artists. Some need a well-equipped studio with accommodation for the team, others a small room to dive into their research, a place to organise a reading group, a dialogue about an application or in in-depth discussion about their next project.

With eight artists wpZimmer enters into a long-term relationship. The objective is to empower them to organise themselves independently. The approach is always flexible and tailored to their specific needs. It includes an artistic dialogue, financial and production management and diffusion or network support.

wpZimmer shares its infrastructure with a number of small organisations. It’s a lively, collective workplace where contacts, know-how and experience are shared.

There are no fixed procedures or deadlines to ask for support. A couple of tips for those who want take up contact:
– provide information about your background and work
– describe the project you want to talk about (concept, team, partners)
– make clear what you need or expect
– a thorough acquaintance (a conversation, attending a performance or watching a video) precedes any kind of commitment


Performance, dance, installation art, multidisciplinary art & hybrid practices


Gasstraat 88-90
2060 Antwerp


Carine Meulders, artistic director
+32 3 225 10 66