The WIELS Residency Programme is an international laboratory for emerging artists from all over the world. It forms a key part of the overall programme of WIELS and is one of its core activities. WIELS provides a unique working environment for artists, so that they can pursue their work and participate in current debates and research regarding contemporary art practices. 

Type of residency

During six months, the residents are offered an individual workspace (+/- 45m2) and a framework designed to facilitate a durable exchange of ideas with the artistic and cultural life of Brussels. The WIELS Residency Programme offers:

-nine furnished workspaces, available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day, equipped with running water and internet acces;
-weekly collective meetings and individual feedback from artistic mentors Willem Oorebeek, Sylvie Eyberg and Simon Thompson;
-logistic, technical and curatorial guidance for the creation and development of projects;
-visits to exhibitions and other sites of interest in Belgium and the neighbouring countries;
-online presentation of current and former residents and a digital archive of all residency projects;
-presentation and production of a project during or shortly after the residency.

The WIELS Residency Programme is coordinated by Eva Gorsse and supported by De Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, EXKi, Maison Dandoy, Xavier Hufkens and Sylvie Winckler. Artists’ residencies are further supported by Mondriaan Fund, Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA), Bundeskanzleramt Österreich, Danish Arts Foundation, Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia, Africalia, Mophradat and Sofam.


Visual and performance art.


Avenue Van Volxem 354 Van Volxemlaan
1190 Brussels