Villa Hellebosch

Villa Hellebosch is the ideal spot for those seeking a calm, warm, and pleasant atmosphere to stay or to work alone, or in a small group. Respect for the beauty and purity of nature, sensitivity to art and aesthetics, hospitality and an open mind are considered important values. Not only by national and international writers who participate in the ‘writing in residence’ programme, Villa Hellebosch is frequently used as the ideal setting for corporate meetings, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and all sorts of intellectual and cultural exchanges. Every year, the editors of the De Standaard newspaper bring together in Villa Hellebosch exceptional pairs of people.

Type of residency

Villa Hellebosch offers residence opportunities to writers, translators, artists, composers, thinkers and scholars throughout the year. The country house is located in a bucolic setting. The 15 acre property has huge trees, a ‘wild’ park, sun terraces and is surrounded by a picturesque countryside, in between Brussels and Ghent. Accommodation includes a private working space, a bedroom and bathroom. The living rooms and kitchen are to be shared. Hellebosch gives one a good idea how of a stay in Villa Hellebosch could be like. The residency program is focused on writing, but is also open to multidisciplinary artists as well. 


All disciplines, focused on writing


Heystraat 7
1570 Vollezele

+32 495 90 15 36