Villa Empain / Boghossian Foundation

Opened in 2010, the Boghossian Foundation’s artist residency, quickly became an essential part of the institution’s work. By inviting artists from all backgrounds to stay at the Villa Empain, the Boghossian Foundation offers a serene time and place for artists to develop their practice, while taking inspiration from a dynamic cultural environment. In order to enable its residents to reach their potential through their artistic expression, the Boghossian Foundation provides various spaces dedicated to creation, including a multi-purpose workshop and various exhibition areas. Eager to engage the public in each aspect of the Villa’s life, the Boghossian Foundation invites the artists in residency to present their work to visitors in dynamic and engaging ways. These exchanges between artists of various backgrounds and the public open up a multicultural discussion.

Type of residency

The artists are either invited by the Boghossian Foundation or are selected after having applied. More information about the application procedure.


Multidisciplinary artistic practice.


Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 67 Franklin Rooseveltlaan
1050 Brussels