As city lab for creating new models of working, Timelab gives example of small and large change by providing time, space and reflection for a society in motion.

Type of residency

A small group of people will be invited to take part in this sprint. They accept the challenge and the format of residencies in Timelab. They will dive into different forms of residencies all over the world. They will exchange ideas and experiences from different disciplines and research and development programmes. Experts on different domains will be invited to reflect and discuss in between results. The concept of commons is never far away. How can the commons bring us new insights in the way a residency could be organised, communicated, programmed.

Timelab selects the participants on the basis of motivation and match with their organisation in terms of attitude and needs. The residency is by invitation only, except for the annual event, which consists of a 10 day artistic bootcamp programme. The residency can last from 3 months to a year, depending on the artists and artwork. The duration of 3 months is guaranteed with a fee. At the moment, Timelab is searching for artists dealing with the theme of Sport, Commons, and Space. If the artist and their application falls under these guidelines, Timelab might be interested in selecting.


Different artistic disciplines and research.


Kogelstraat 34
9000 Ghent


+32 (0)9 391 96 10