Thalie Foundation

The Thalie Foundation is a committed philanthropic project, which aims to support contemporary creation as a lever for action, exchange and transmission. Based in Brussels, the Foundation sets up a multidisciplinary program which combines visual arts, performance and literature. It welcomes an audience of passionate amateurs but also professionals and students.

Close to Avenue Louise and the ponds of Ixelles, in the heart of the galleries district, the house, headquarters of the Foundation, was built in 1924 by the architect Jean Hendricks. It has been completely renovated to accommodate its activities by the Vanden Eeckhoudt – Creyf architects duo, in a contemporary style, while retaining its modernist spirit. In addition to the exhibition and work spaces, it has a library, four bedrooms and a large kitchen-dining-terrace area.

The Foundation’s activities:

• Semi-annual exhibitions, in particular emerging scenes and women artists
• Meetings, screenings, performances, readings
• Residences of artists and writers (by invitation)
• Editing multiples, publications
• Co-productions with cultural and artistic events or institutions
• Educational and artistic projects outside Europe

Type of residency

Equipment and support for permanent residence at the Thalie Foundation:

– House located in the city center
– 2 workspaces (20-25 m2 each) suitable above all for writing
– Accommodation (3 bedrooms), shared kitchen and lounge, wifi
– Logistics support
– Workshop visits and contact with the artistic community in Brussels

Check the Thalie Foundation website for annual open calls.


Visual artists, writers, designers, chefs or curators of all nationalities who speak French and/or English.


Rue Buchholtz 15
1050 Brussels


Julien Amicel, executive director


Image: ThalieLab © Michel Figuet