ThalieLab is a platform for creation and production support in the field of visual arts and design that brings together projects in a spirit of innovation and societal impact. ThalieLab is based in Brussels in a neo-modernist house from the 1920s, which proposes an art collection and a singular program around performance and contemporary thought.

Launched by Nathalie Guiot in 2015, Thalie Art Foundation aims to help creation in the fields of visual arts and culture encouraging societal impact. A writer, curator and art collector living between Brussels and Paris, Nathalie Guiot is very active in the contemporary art field since the 2000s. She created Thalie Art Project in 2012 as an association offering a platform for artistic and performance activities. With ThalieLab, Nathalie Guiot offers the artists a platform for creation and promotion in Brussels.

Type of residency

ThalieLab offers to the invited artists 2 studios (20-25 square meter each) and accommodation (3 bedrooms) in the house for a duration of 15 days to 6 months depending on the nature of the project. The residency includes support for production and technical assistance as well as studio visits and professional networking with the Brussels art community.


Visual artists, designers, chefs or curators of all nationalities who speak French and/or English.


Rue Buchholtz 15 Buchholtzstraat
1050 Brussels



Image: ThalieLab © Michel Figuet