nadine is a Brussels-based laboratory for contemporary transdisciplinary arts. Through on-site residencies, research projects and workshops, artists are given the space to develop their practice. nadine is closely affiliated with performance, art in the public space, multimedia installations, experience-oriented projects that explore the boundaries between creation and production, research and presentation. 

Since 2017 nadine rents a small gallery space in the center of Brussels where artists are invited to work with the specific venue. This permanently visible rental offers opportunities for dialogue with the public, and provides a context to explore various possibilities for presentation in transdisciplinary work.

Type of workspace

nadine supports Brussels-based artists with their funding applications and budget management. They guide the artists through the many options of funding applications, offering their network and helping them look for the right people or organisations for support. They mostly offer their support to artists applying in the transdisciplinary field and in artistic research (function ‘ontwikkeling’, transdisciplinary discipline (VG) and trajectory subsidies (VGC)).

As a partner in projects and developments, nadine can offer artistic advice, production assistance or budget management. If a grant or project is approved, nadine can, if necessary, further accompany the artist in terms of both substance and management. nadine is a flexible organisation that gears itself towards the needs of contemporary artists. They are open for collaboration in various research projects, personal trajectories and presentations where they can play a meaningful role.


The artists are closely connected to nadine and follow their own artistic trajectory which takes place both inside and outside the cultural field. They experiment with different work and presentation methods, where the process is important. The outcome of the research is not beforehand. Most artists have a multi- or transdisciplinary practice and are not bound to a single medium. nadine supports artists on a long-term basis and offers them customised support for their research or projects.


Rue Pont Neuf 3 Nieuwbrug
1000 Brussels