l’USINE is a multidisciplinary space that welcomes artists and artisans in private studios on a long term basis or for temporary residences as well as activities and events related to art, culture and sustainable development. Our desire is to facilitate the development of sustainable and meaningful projects in the building and to provide access to a quiet and inspiring creative space in the city.

Type of programme

l’USINE is a private project and a non-profit organisation that doesn’t receive subsidies. The contribution for the use of the space depends on the profile of the artist(s), the number of people and the space occupied:

1. For companies and subsidised organisations, we ask a standard rate – from 40 to 60€ / h; 250 to 400€ / day; 500 to 1600€ / week;
2. For non-subsidised organisations, we ask a “softer” rate – from 15 to 25€ / h; 100 to 175€ / day; 200 to 700€ / week;
3. For artists who cannot pay the price but whose project has been selected by our committee, we offer a reduced price or free of charge in exchange of services.

Travel, material and meals should be covered by the artists.

The multidisciplinary rooms of l’USINE – “salle noire”, “salle d’exposition” and sometimes “les guichets” – are also available for rehearsals or residencies for ongoing projects. For rehearsals, the rooms can be occupied per hour, day or week.

For artists working on projects in development, the minimum duration of a residency is 15 days. “La salle noire” can be used from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and its use by others needs to remain possible outside these hours (regular classes are organised). The conditions of use of the other rooms are more flexible. 




Rue du Doyenné 40
1180 Brussels