For whom and for what?

This online tool provides a mapping of artist-in-residence programmes and workspaces in Flanders and Brussels available for local and international artists.

With this website Flanders Arts Institute aims to inform artists and art professionals from home and abroad by providing easy access to information about residencies and workspaces in the fields of visual arts, performing arts and music in Flanders and Brussels as well as internationally. 

A residency is a programme hosted by an artistic organisation providing opportunities for artists looking to expand their knowledge, experience and connections in the art field as well as opportunities to gain new insights on their artistic practice. Residency programmes allow for artists time, space and context for reflection and production and, most times, guidance for developing their artistic practice

A workspace (kunstenwerkplaats) is an organisational format that focuses on supporting the entire artistic process and on the service to artists. A workspace provides artists a space to work on specific works in progress, and guides the artistic research or creation process through substantive feedback and productional support. Some workspace also provide management support alongside artistic and production support. Workspace are artistic laboratories and as such primarily process-oriented, rather than result-oriented. Presentation and the link with the public are of minor importance here, but can be considered as part of the production process.

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Mapping Residencies & Workspaces is an initiative by Flanders Arts Institute.

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