In Flanders Fields Museum

The In Flanders Fields Museum works from many possible points of view. The historical and military background is important, but also the relationship with the present, their dealings, as people and as society, with their past and that of all other countries involved. People from five continents and from more than fifty different countries and cultures took part in the war in Flanders. Their audience is therefore diverse and extremely international.

The In Flanders Fields Museum is much more than a permanent exhibition. There is a current educational effect for students from home and abroad, as well as a cultural and artistic programme. In the knowledge center of the museum, every visitor can go deeper into this dramatic period in world history. Individually one can look for the big, global background story, as well as the very personal or local history.

Type of residency

A one year residency for an artist invited by the museum. The museum provides a working space for the artist and facilities to display an exhibition as well. The residency is by invitation only so applications are not accepted.


Visual Artists


Lakenhallen – Grote Markt 34
8900 Ieper

+32 (0)57 239 220