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Ella spune: 08/06/2020 la 5:16 pm „Capodopera” gen Sandra Brown. El anunció se llevó a cabo en una sesión de preguntas y respuestas en sus cuentas de Instagram. What makes Spectrum cable the best Cable Provider? 365 DNI Part 2 Plot Its 2nd part is called Ten Dzein in which Massimo Will tries to find out where Laura is gone and who has taken her away from him. Summary of 365 days part 2 . 365 DNI is currently sitting on number 1 position of Netflix India, being the most viewed movie since its release on the OTT platform. Sin embargo, sus vacaciones se alteran de manera dramática cuando a Laura la recoge Massimo, quien le da 365 días para enamorarse de él. Its 2nd part is called Ten Dzein in which Massimo Will tries to find out where Laura is gone and who has taken her away from him. House Of Dragon: Official Release Date Confirmed! King Dinosaurs. A ambas estrellas se les cuestionó por el final de 365 días y si iba a ver una secuela. ; fingers crossed we hear nothing else from these characters or Blanka) to the 365 dni series by Blanka Lipińska. The first is named 365 DNI (365 days), second is named Ten Dzeiń which means This Day while the third is called Kolejne 365 DNI, which means 'another 365 days'. Arts & Entertainment. How to Edit Images and Make Design Online By Fotor, Disney’s Hercules Live-Action: Everything You Should Know. Every Bollywood Actor Tangled Up In The NCB Case. 365 DNI 2020. El noviazgo de Biel es tenso y desea que la pasión altere la monotonía de sus días. Artemis Fowl 2: Sequel Updates On Disney+. 365 DAYS DNI PART - 2 TRAILER Trailer lang sa ta ka 365 Days Parte a pachetului de filme Netflix 2020, thrillerul romantic polonez 365 DNI (365 de zile) a devenit un hit cu scenele sale de sex mai îndrăznețe, chiar în comparație cu Fifty Shades of Grey. 365 días parte 2 ha sido confirmada | También conocida como 365 DNI, ha sido calificada por muchos cibernautas como la nueva 50 sombras de Grey, por sus similitudes y alto contenido erótico. Chadwick Boseman: This Will Be His Last Movie! When we talk about 365 DNI a movie that has been liked by all of its viewers a movie full of intensity and love which has got a mostly positive reply from its viewers. 365 Dni est un film polonais disponible sur Netflix en France.Les gens veulent savoir si 365 Dni 2 va voir le jour, mais attendez un peu ! After all the good responses every viewer and the fans of 365 DNI wants to know that when it’s 2nd movie is going to come. Massimo is a member of the Sicilian Mafia family and Laura is a sales director. La cinta, inspirada en la trilogía literaria de Blanka Lipinska, no solo se ha posicionado como lo más visto del top 10 de películas y series de Netflix, sino que sí tendrá una secuela, según información de Newsweek. 365 DNI Book 2. Por otro lado, una directora de ventas, Laura Biel, tiene mucho éxito en su vida profesional, pero su vida personal es otra historia. The movie might also have Massimo and Laura getting married. Portanto, por razões óbvias, parece muito provável que até o segundo filme trilhe um caminho semelhante. Kolejne 365 dni is the conclusion (I hope! 365 Dni (365 Days), a Polish erotic drama film that's equal parts steamy and problematic. Le contenu vaporeux et romantique du film a … Real love is gem. Il 14 giugno 2020 è arrivato su Netflix il film in streaming 365 DNI.Dunque, visto il finale, molti si aspettano che ci sia anche un sequel.Se vi state chiedendo se 365 Giorni 2 si fa, sappiate che il film avrà un sequel!La conferma arriva direttamente da Michele Morrone che ha annunciato attraverso la piattaforma Halahi che tornerà a vestire i panni di Massimo. La información fue brindada por las actrices de 365 días Anna Maria Sieklucka y Magdalena Lamparska, quienes interpretaron a Laura y Olga, respectivamente. The movie is a Polish erotic thriller which is based on a novel with the same name by Blanka Lipinska. 365 Days is a book where you experience 365 days with a person/thing. En un intento de salvar su relación, Laura, su novio y sus amigos vuelan a Sicilia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dacă … Here’s what we know about 365 DNI movie 2nd part. Sunt actori, interpretează scenele respective. The second 365 Days book, Ten Dzein, picks up from this point and reveals that she was abducted by the rival family. Movie. She does not expect that on a trip to Sicily trying to save her relationship, Massimo will kidnap her and give her 365 days to fall in love with him. " 365 Days " alias " 365 Dni “ ist der neuste... Mehr lesen » So romantisch, wie der dritte Teil von "Shades Of Grey" war, startet auch das Ende der „365 Dni“-Trilogie: Es wird geheiratet. 365 DNI 2 na Netflix O que poderia acontecer em 365 DNI 2 na Netflix? KUP BILET: http://bit.ly/Helios_365dni_biletyPREMIERA 7 LUTEGO 2020„365 dni” to pierwszy polski erotyk. Massimo finds out about Laura's pregnancy and they get married without the knowledge or approval of her parents (the wedding is actually miserable, more of a business deal for Massimo, Laura has no part in its planning & Olga keeps saying how she should just get through the day, the bride actually begs Olga to help her run away. That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything about 365 DNI 2. Piticuemotiv, cum sa fie “pe bune”?!!! '365 Dni' Book 2: a summary (SPOILERS) The sequel, titled "Ten Dzień" ("This Day"), was released in 2018 and introduces a few new characters, including Adriano, Massimo’s twin brother. “Quiere ser la ’50 Shades of Grey’ polaca y es lo suficientementa mala para ganarse la comparación (...)" fue la apreciación de Jonathon Wilson (Ready Steady Cut). With Anna Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Bronislaw Wroclawski, Otar Saralidze. Restaurant. Verra t’on une suite ? 365 de zile 2. On Tuesday, the dreamy Michele Morrone (our dear, predatory Italian mobster Massimo) confirmed reports there will in fact be a sequel to Poland's answer to 50 Shades of Grey. As it’s 1st part has shown that Massimo is a Don who falls in love with a girl called Laura and thus kidnaps her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. 365 días tendrá parte 2, según confirma Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Laura - Crédito: Netflix, Netflix: ¿Te gustó 365 días? Los televidentes han recurrido a Twitter para expresar su descontento y molestia con la nueva película picante y sexualmente cargada debido a su controvertido tema. 430,343 Views. Related Pages. Unlike his sibling, Adriano studied in Britain and continues to reside there, having seemingly walked away from the … Découvrez toutes les infos concernant 365 DNI 2 sur Netflix ! Netflix’s new Polish film 365 DNI is off to a strong start for the streaming service, currently trending at number 6 on the platform in the United States as of this writing. Video Game. FILM 365 Dni // 365 Days 2020. If you made it to the 365 dni ending, you're no doubt wondering whether there will be a sequel to 365 dni. Sieklucka dijo: “No podremos ir al extranjero a filmar este año por la pandemia, por lo que deberán esperar un poco más. After it began streaming on Netflix in June, viewers couldn't get enough of the plot hole-filled tale of a billionaire mafia man kidnapping the unsuspecting Laura ( Anna-Maria Sieklucka ), forcing her to fall in love with him … 365 días parte 2 ha sido confirmada | También conocida como 365 DNI, ha sido calificada por muchos cibernautas como la nueva 50 sombras de Grey, por sus similitudes y alto contenido erótico. Tenet Movie: Big Screen, Or On Streaming Platforms! Probablemente llegue el próximo año, pero no sabemos exactamente cuando", mencionó. O primeiro filme adapta de perto o enredo do romance de Blanka Lipińska com o mesmo nome. Lili Reinhart Slams Twitterazis For Spamming On Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston. You enjoy the days and come to see how great and beautiful the world can be. The genre of thriller fiction is one of the most integral parts of literature as well as films and art. 365 DNI ¿Quién es Michele Morrone, el protagonista de la polémica película erótica de Netflix. Movie. Michele Morrone Fanatic. Netflix has not yet made any official announcement regarding it and everyone is waiting for its official announcement regarding it but if we have to guess then we can say that after seeing its fan following and much live from the fans that it is getting that its 2nd part is going to come and we just have to wait for the announcement of Netflix otherwise everyone is sure that it’s 2nd part is going to come. Movie. That’s all for now we will let you know whenever we will get to know anything about 365 DNI 2. The Most Helpful Apps for Writers and Bloggers. Riverdale Season 5: When Will It Release According To Its Production! Massimo Torricelli, el jefe joven y poderoso miembro de una familia mafiosa en Sicilia, no tiene otra opción que hacerse cargo de la empresa familiar luego de que asesinaron a su padre. And boy, do I have a lot of questions! Trends PH. 365 Days full Hd. When she starts loving him and they decide to get married suddenly she was killed or kidnapped no one knows by someone and there the emotional dramatic movie ends. Movie. Con la fecha de inicio de grabación de la parte 2 de 365 DNI desconocida, es probable que llegue a Netflix en el 2021, aunque los fanáticos pueden tener que esperar hasta 2022 para más desventuras de Laura y Massimo (Michele Morrone). 365 days follows the similar ending as in the book where Laura accepts her feelings for Massimo which leads to her being target for rival mafia gangs. Me spune: 08/06/2020 la 2:05 pm. ‘The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’ Is Season 2 Happening By Any Chance? Onward 2020. The movie will show that Massimo will try his best to rescue Laura and bring her back to his safety. Date de sortie etc. One of the most recent additions to this genre is the Polish movie 365 Dni or 365 days.The movie is based on a book with the same name by Blanka Lipińska. Ten Dzein means ‘This Day’ in English, the second part in the novel trilogy of book series by Blanka Lipinska can also get its film adaptation soon due to the immense popularity and success of the first film of the 365 Days franchise. If the movie does get sequel, it will likely follow the plot of “Ten dzień,” the trilogy’s second part, which focuses on Massimo’s attempt to rescue the love of his life, Laura, from his rival mafia. Las películas eróticas que puedes ver desde hoy en el servicio, Recibe las noticias de La República en Google News, Boruto: revelan qué edad tenía Hinata cuando quedó embarazada, The Mandalorian, temporada 3: fecha de estreno, personajes y posible historia, Disney Plus: series y películas se podrán ver en todos los canales de la compañía, Betty, la fea: la vez que ‘Armando’ contó por qué fue 'desagradable’ besar a protagonista. I am a writer who loves writing articles and always want to do this for my whole life. The first book in the series, titled 365 dni is followed by Ten dzień and Kolejne 365 dni. In the sequels, Laura and Massimo have a grand wedding, and Laura becomes pregnant and is … Well, the good news is that there is a sequel in the book series. Has Netflix Made Any Official Announcement Regarding It. Biglove 2012 regizat de aceeași Bialowas care a regizat 365 DNI când postați ?! #romance 'Ten dzień' is book #2 in the '365 dni' series by Blanka Lipińska & just another example for a story that's been written with minimal (most of the time … Directed by Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes. 365 Days 2020. ALSO READ | Michele Morrone's photos on Instagram that remind one of 365 DNI's Don Massimo.

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