Bains Connective

As a workspace, Bains Connective considers it important to create an environment where different artistic practices can question their relation to contemporary art and society by bringing people together to discuss and confront their ideas and the application of those practices.

Bains Connective believes that the critical presence of art has a positive impact on society. The connective aspect of their practices and the dynamic relation established with those outside their organisation embrace the political, economical, and societal principals that keep humanity human. For the past years, they have seen the transformation of a collective of artists into an institution that strives to empower diversity, trans-disciplinary or post-disciplinary practices, encounters, and dialogue. They aim to give perspective and frame not just to artistic forms and discourses, but also to the way they are expressed and communicated to the audience or broader outside worlds.

Bains Connective gives as much freedom and responsibility as possible to the residents with the aim of nurturing autonomy and self-awareness in art making.

Type of workspace

Bains Connective provides studios which are equipped with basic sound installations (mixer, active speakers, cd player, line in for pc/mp3, microphone, etc.). All studios have black curtains to darken the space. In addition to the main technical equipment, they can provide lights, video-projectors, portable sound recorder, video and photo cameras, dvd players, monitors and additional active speakers.


Multidisciplinary art, sound, and video art.


Rue des Alliés 54 Bondgenotenstraat
1190 Brussels

+32 (0)2 534 48 55