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START HERE           ABOUT US           DESTINATIONS, BLOG           TRAVEL JOBS           START A BLOG, travel budget    visa & entry    when to GO. When travelling in Mexico, you’ll find the internet is generally pretty reliable and fast. Topes can be found on major highways and in small towns. Valladolid was originally a Mayan settlement called Zaci, but after Spanish settlement, the name only remains on its most famous cenote. So if they tell you that your room will be ready ahorita, it’s best to go take a walk and grab lunch first! This is one of Mexico's easiest and most accessible day hikes. By staying in dorms, using public transport, eating street food and finding free or cheap activities, you can keep your budget quite low. In the evening, listen to some mariachi and attend a lucha libre fight to see how Mexico does music and sport. The Daily. These usually cost $3-5 depending on the ingredients. We have travelled around Mexico and lived there for over 6 months in total at the time of writing and we plan to explore some more soon! Lucha libre is a huge part of Mexican culture, so you should definitely catch a fight night if possible. After spending the night in Rosarito, head to Baja’s Wine Country in Valle de Guadalupe. Imports and craft beers obviously cost more ($6-8) than local favorites such as Pacifico and Modelo. If you’re spending that much for an AI, it’s probably best to just disconnect and enjoy yourself! Let's take a closer look at how much it costs to have a drink (or six) in Mexico. A lot can be seen in a week or less, but two weeks would cover all of the major historical and cultural sites on the peninsula. If you want to travel this road, be sure to ask any forums you are a part of or join the San Cristobal Expat Facebook group to ask. Read on for more details. Short on time? Couples or friends can find private rooms for a good price as well, usually around $30-50. Just about everything is eaten in tortillas here, and the local tortilla shop is always one of the busiest places in town.The food in Mexico also has a reputation for being spicy, thanks to the liberal use of several varieties of chilli peppers and the abundance of hot sauces on offer. Need cheap road trip ideas? If you would like to take your car to a Mexican island, Cozumel is going to be your best bet. Follow @Ecophilesmag: road trip travel. This is especially true in the cities and touristy beach areas. It’s a common misconception among travellers that the Mayans are no longer around, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You may, however, have to pay extra for things like WiFi. From Tulum, you can visit even more amazing cenotes (my favorites are Cenote Carwash, Cenote Calavera and Dos Ojos), or you can explore Tulum ruins. Make sure your bank knows you're traveling Mexico and that you have a card with no foreign transaction fees and you'll be just fine using plastic for much of your trip. Pretty much any dive off of Isla Mujeres is going to be exciting, but a trip to the nearby Isla Mujeres National Marine Park is likely going to be one of the major highlights of your diving trip to Mexico. L’itinéraire de notre road-trip de 15 jours pour voir le meilleur de la péninsule du Yucatán, la région la plus visitée au Mexique, un grand classique ! Firstly, driving through Mexico is quite safe, for the most part. To avoid drug violence, you need to plan your route according to the latest news. In nicer restaurants, a good rule of thumb is to leave a 10-15% tip if you enjoyed the meal and the service.You don't need to tip taxi drivers in Mexico, but if you hired a private driver for the day it's nice to leave them a little something extra. Mexico City is possibly one of the world’s most underrated foodie destinations. It's generally expected that you'll tip your bag porter about 10 - 20 pesos per bag and your cleaner around 20 - 50 pesos per night at nicer hotels. Nous sommes partis 15 jours en voyage au Mexique dans le Yucatan et le Quintana Roo, deux régions à l’est du pays. Once you get out into the smaller towns and villages, you won't believe how cheap things are!Travelling around Mexico doesn't have to break the bank thanks to the country's budget airlines and excellent bus system. Those on an extended trip may also enter Mexico by land if coming from neighboring countries like Guatemala and Belize. Ensenada is less than 2 hours south of Tijuana and makes a good place to stop overnight or, if time allows, take a day wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe (see the road trip loop above). Mexico also has a vibrant culture highlighted by one of the most famous cuisines in the world. Here you’ll find some of the best beaches in Mexico, epic Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza, and countless opportunities for adventures. It’s rough around the edges and full of people (did you know Mexico City’s population is the same as the whole of Australia’s?) A popular route is to catch a bus from Antigua direct to the beautiful colonial town of San Cristobal de las Casas. Check out the blog posts we've about Mexico below. This is far and away the most popular area of Mexico, and for good reason. Drive just an hour to Valladolid – my favorite town in Mexico. Here you’ll find the famous city of Puerto Vallarta, which has plenty of all-inclusive resorts but retains much of its unique Mexican charm. During the high season (November-March), you can expect to meet lots of snowbirds from the US and Canada who live in Mexico for half the year. There are also lots of military stops, especially between states. It helps to keep this site running so we do appreciate your support. If you’re taking it slow, you can take overnight stops at San Ignacio, a cute village on a lake, or Mulege for beautiful beaches. In Oaxaca, you’ll experience deep, colorful Mexican culture and some of the best cuisine in Mexico. The sky is the limit a this point. Mexico travel is already very budget-friendly, but there are still some things to keep in mind that can make your trip even cheaper. Frequently updated. Around 10% of the population now identify as Protestant. Not only is it very diverse and mouth-wateringly delicious, but it's also super affordable. This tiny, misty mountain town is a highlight, especially if you love a town with a strong community (read: hippy) feel. In just one trip, you can wander around ancient Mayan cities, stroll through colorful colonial towns, explore one of the biggest cities in the world, and wind it all down on a pristine beach. Here are a few money saving tips to help you out. Here are some key phrases in Spanish that you’ll want to have when traveling in Mexico: Mexico is a massive country, meaning the climate varies depending on the region. Once you’ve finished with Huatulco, you’ll be crossing the state boarder into Chiapas. I didn’t want to be beholden to public transportation, and my Spanish is pretty alright, so I decided on the Mexico road trip … Malaria is not common in Mexico, but those trekking through rural areas may want to bring along some malaria pills just in case. There are even direct flights from London, while other European travellers will have to make at least one connection. They now have an established gastro district that extends from downtown to Zona Río on Avenida Sonora in the Chapultepec area. Cost: Varies. It’s worth a night here if you like that sort of atmosphere, but if you don’t, I suggest carrying on down the highway for an hour to the smaller and much more beautiful Tulum to stay the night. Guerrero Negro is eight hours driving south of Ensenada. I’d just recommend leaving it on the mainland safely in the parking lot because you really don’t need a car on Isla Mujeres. Random muggings, kidnappings, and shootings do still occur even in the safe areas. Fun fact - Puebla is the only city in Mexico that actually has a Cinco de Mayo celebration, as it was here that a local army defeated the French in battle. Uber is available in the cities and popular tourist towns, so I’d recommend sticking to that. Oaxaca City is a magical place. But it can happen. However, if you’re on a budget, stay in town to save money. If you can only go to just one island in Mexico, I suggest you make it Isla Holbox. Stay another few days, because this artsy town has stolen the hearts of many American expats who now call it home. By Air: It’s possible to find direct flights from all over the US, Canada, and even some cities in Europe to Mexico City and Cancun. Any info would help. While Mexico makes plenty of international headlines for the cartels and the violence that surround them, the country is still quite safe for travellers. On the way to Tulum, stop in at one of the many cenotes such as Cenote Azul, Garden of Eden Cenote or Yal-Ku Lagoon. Other nationalities will have to obtain a visa in advance and are advised to contact the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate for details. You can check the Wikipedia page on the visa policy of Mexico for specific details.If you’re from Russia, Ukraine, or Turkey, you can obtain an electronic authorization visa that’s good for 30 days and allows you to travel by air to Mexico. That being said, even in places like Puerto Vallarta all you need to do is walk a few blocks from the beach to find things at local prices. We have also listed how long you will need to complete that road trip. Mexicans are very affectionate, including in public spaces. We also rave about as the best hotel booking Click this box to shop for travel-related items, or check out our packing lists. Before you travel to Mexico, why not watch a few films about the country? Visit areas in Mexico, renowned for their strong cultural identity and bizarre religious practices. Your email address will not be published. But we did have to pay $5 for a broken tail light once. This is a country that knows how to have a good time, and they'll make sure you have one, too.For travellers, Mexico offers a depth of experiences that's hard to top. Expect petrol to be the same price as home (possibly even more expensive) and the tolls on the highways too. Join me for a comprehensive look at traveling in Mexico and start planning that dream trip. Some signs are even hand-written by residents of the area! Road Trip Mexico ~ Driving in Mexico Tips. If you have a guide for the full day, then a tip of around 100 pesos and if you take part in a free walking tour, the same tip applies. Below you'll find our personal travel experiences and travel blogs from Mexico. Trying to visit all of Mexico would take a lifetime, but knowing the best places to visit will help you plan your trip. Unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, you've probably had some version of Mexican food by now. Keep these things in mind before heading there: While much of Mexico is very safe, there's still a lot of violence going on. If you go to a supermarket, be sure to give a little tip to the person who bags your groceries. Generally, Mexico is a very safe place for travellers, but that isn't to say that there isn't crime in the country. Most travellers will arrive to Mexico by air. Although most of the coast (7,338 km) is on the Pacific side where you can enjoy amazing sunsets, there is still a lot of places where land meets the Caribbean Sea - for those seeking the postcard perfect white sand and turquoise water. They soon took back power with the election of Enrique Peña Nieto, but he’s on his way out as the country gets ready for elections this July. Note that you must maintain your home country comprehensive/collision insurance while you are in Mexico. In the past year or so, several stories have come out of people having their drinks spiked when staying at all-inclusive resorts. Otherwise, you can also use the secondary free highways called libre, which usually run alongside the quota highways and go through all of the small towns along the way. Road-trip Mexique Yucatan en 17 jours. Originally Posted: 27 May 2017. This road trip is for people who like colonial-style cities and the wild, wild west. Jump on one of the hourly ferries and spend your last few days relaxing on the white sandy secluded beaches of Isla Holbox. Below is a route planner for the USA to Mexico road trips. You won’t need a TIP if you are driving your car in any part of the Baja Peninsula or the Sonoran Free Zone. Below, we have color-coded each recommended road trip in Mexico on a map. I highly recommend heading to the beach area to stay because the town can be quite hot and dusty. Most people in Mexico are known as Mestizos, meaning they have indigenous and European roots. The roads in Mexico are bad. Learn to surf or horseback ride on the beach. Believe it or not, it’s possible to fly direct from Tokyo or Shanghai to Mexico City, although it may be cheaper to fly through the US first. Our best recommendations on where to stay during this road trip are at the bottom of each section. Entre plages de rêve, cités Maya, réserves naturelles, cenotes, gastronomie et culture, c’est la destination idéale pour des vacances exotiques ! Have fun cramming as many water-based activities that you can fit in your schedule. To say that Mexico is awe-inspiring is an understatement. Those looking to splurge have lots of options as well, from luxury hotels to all-inclusive resorts ($200-300). They work solely for tips, so don't forget to have some change handy. Take these roads slowly and don’t drive tired. 22 783 km autour des �tats-Unis et du Mexique - Nov. 2006 � Avril 2007 Archives du Journal de bord � propos du voyage Notre v�hicule : VW westfalia D�but de l'aventure : Jour 1 The map will automatically save into “Your Places” > “MAPS”. Art, culture, wine, gastronomy, and nature are just a few reasons to visit. It’s the best of Mexico’s central highlands, bundled into just 10 days. Famous for its tequila and mariachi music, Guadalajara is where you will come to soak up some authentic Mexico feels far off the busy tourist trail. In the city, you’ll be able to buy vibrant arts and crafts and sample unique delicious Oaxacan cuisines. You can then select an area to download and use offline ready for when you don’t have access to mobile data in Mexico. Obviously, you can’t visit them all in one trip. It’s a small, pregnant-fish-shaped island filled with amazing snorkeling and scuba diving. If you go out for dinner and have a drink and then hit a bar or two, you can expect to pay around $20-30 total on booze depending on what you drink. She loves telling stories with her photos, is addicted to travel and has lots of funny adventures to share from her experiences! Bacalar boasts a crystalline lake called Siete Colores (Seven Colors) as well as another mind-blowing cenote (Cenote Azul). Lovely Tulum has two parts to it, the main beach area and the town. Nous partons 14 jours le 23/11/18 au Mexique faire un Road Trip également.

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