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Marie-Adélaïde could be quite indiscreet… she jested in public about how pious her husband was… but she probably thought not much of it and meant no harm, after all she was of the generation that made fun of everything, as she said herself. Upon her arrival in France, Louis XIV, who had come to greet her, met her in Montargis on 4 November 1696,[10] and was quite pleased with "the Princess". [7] Her father's dominions had been ravaged during the war. It was very popular at court and one could win and lose high amounts. Madame de Maintenon wrote to Madame des Ursins the very day: “The Dauphine has a fixed pain between the ear and the top of the jaw, just below the temple: the affected part is so small that you could cover it with a finger-nail; she has convulsions and cries like a woman in travail, and at about the same intervals. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. While Maulevrier’s illness was feigned and not real at all, something else was. The Duchesse recovered, slowly but surely, and contrary to what was considered proper for noble women, she actually raised the child herself. However, Monsieur Fagon does not think much of the tumour of which she is so proud, for she likes to give big names to her maladies.” Another malady followed in 1708, which Madame de Maintenon blames on exhaustion after the festivities of the carnival. Madame de Maintenon was constantly afraid that, due to the youthful spirit of the Duchesse, she might say or do something to compromise her husband. Her arrival in Versailles was described "like a breath of fresh air," reviving the dull court. Thus he was not impressed as he learned of the Duchesse playing Lansquenet with some random gentlemen after a picnic. They are as much a political asset as they are beloved daughters. Later that evening, he attempted to sneak back in and was caught in the act by a chamber-woman, who, using profanities, showed him back out at once and reported the incident to the King. It was a new experience for him and rejuvenated his spirits. Duc de Bourgogne, il est en seconde position sur la liste des héritiers présomptifs de la couronne, d’où la nécessité de l’unir à une prétendante qui satisfait aux intérêts de la France. La Duchesse De Bourgogne - Une Princesse De Savoie À La Cour De Louis Xiv 1685-1712. Her birth nearly cost her sixteen-year-old mother her life. Premier arrière petit-fils de Louis XIV, sa naissance entraîne des festivités pendant plusieurs jours. His heir, the last son of the duke de Bourgogne, was a five-year-old child who was not expected to live. Marie-Adélaïde was beautiful and had a fair share of ardent admirers… much to the displeasure of Madame de Maintenon, who always kept an eye on her…. But everyone had to appear in new court robes. Lansquenet was a game dating back to the Thirty Years’ War and named after the French spelling of the German word Landsknecht. She was just returning from mass and he offered to escort her back to her rooms, something Monsieur Dangeau usually did, but he was not present that day. © partylike1660.com 2015-2020. The people around the Duc de Vendôme spread all sorts of things about her husband and the King believed them. No touching or other things until she turned fourteen. Although he was not the ultimate favourite general anymore, he still belong to the lucky few to have access to Marly. She cannot write to you, and you will easily understand why.”, Louis XIV was beside himself with grief. He too was as if awoken from a long slumber. He smiled more, laughed more, dressed better and even wore some jewels from time to time. LA DUCHESSE DE BOURGOGNE ET L'ALLIANCE SAVOYARDE SOUS LOUIS XIV Ud) L'ENFANCE ET LES FIANÇAILLES Aux Archives d'État de Turin, qui n'ont pas été bouleversées par les révolutions et qui sont admirablement classées (2), il existe un fonds spécial qui a pour désignation : Matrimonii della Real Casa. She loved to play tricks on people. de Ludes dress is gathered into a bustle and she wears a Fontanges headdress. Madame de Maintenon wrote on 28 December 1711: “Our dear princess has been tortured for several days by abscesses in her teeth; but she is rather better to-day.” And on 11 January: “A few days ago she had a feverish attack; the courtiers were dismayed, and talked of the irreparable loss which her death would cause.” Versailles had a very deadly measles epidemic that winter. It was all the same to her, as long as she could dance with someone. In contrary to his own children and grandchildren, who had been brought up to feel more awe than affection for him, Marie-Adélaïde was a fresh breeze for Louis. Her betrothal at the age of 11 to Louis XIV’s grandson, the Duc de Bourgogne, in 1696, represented an effort by the king to “detach Savoy from the League of Augsburg” and was part of the Treaty of Turin, signed that same year, by which Victor Amadeus agreed to support Louis XIV in the Nine Years’ War (De Marly 95). Saint-Simon wrote about her: “She was kind to everybody, even to the least influential and the most unimportant, without any appearance of conscious effort. The court did not just whisper about it, they watched all of it. As the Princesse was half way up the allee in her sedan chair, the bombs began to explode. Louis XIV could be quite uncaring. Vive, charmante et attachante, la duchesse Marie Adélaïde de … As the Dauphin died suddenly in 1711, the Duc de Bourgogne became the new Dauphin. Elle fit la conquête du vieux roi Louis XIV, grand-père de son époux ainsi que de l'épouse secrète de celui-ci, Madame de Maintenon (qu'elle appelait familièrement "ma tante"). Marie-Adélaïde loved to tease him about his big belly and visited Saint-Cloud often. A rose of Savoy; Marie Adélaïde of Savoy, duchesse de Bourgogne, mother of Louis XV by Williams, H. Noel (Hugh Noel), 1870-1925. ISBN 0-7538-2293-8.CS1 maint: ref=harv (link) The Duc and Duchesse de Bourgogne played a trick on the Princesse d’Harcourt at Marly one time. This went on for a long six weeks during which Marie-Adélaïde constantly feared impending doom. Her great enemy was the Duchess of Bourbon, a legitimated daughter of Louis XIV and his mistress, Madame de Montespan. As part of the Treaty of Turin, Victor-Amédée’s French-born mistress Jeanne-Baptiste d’Albert de Luynes and the Comte de Tessé arranged a match for Marie-Adélaïde. And as the years passed, the little girl became more and more beautiful. The Duc and Duchesse had three sons born between 1704 and 1710. Maulevrier stayed in Spain for a year and by the time he returned, his state of mind had changed from bordering on insanity to completely insane. In 1701, after a bath in a river, she fell ill and was thought to be at death’s door for a while. London: Anchor Books. Les 11 et 14 décembre 1697, Louis XIV fait donner un bal dans la galerie des Glaces à l’occasion du mariage de l'aîné de ses petits-fils, le duc de Bourgogne, avec la fille aînée du duc de Savoie Victor-Amédée II, Marie-Adélaïde. She was the mother of the future King Louis XV of France. la duchesse de Bourgogne ; l'ère de Louis XV Ses grands-parents maternels étaient Ferdinand-Marie, électeur de Bavière et Henriette-Adélaïde de Savoie, fille de Victor-Amédée Ier, le duc de Savoie. Louis XIV died in 1715, four days shy of his 77th birthday. Hardly anyone seemed to have judged her for it. Last update: 12-18-2020. The doctors remained clueless, but said it might be the best if she confessed, just in case. Sweet natured and lively, always smiling and embracing. The new Duchess of Burgundy had a close relationship with the king and with Madame de Maintenon. Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie, Duchesse de Bourgogne et Dauphine de France. If Louis wanted to go the Marly, Marie-Adélaïde had to go with him. supra Andrea Merlotti, « la courte enfance de la duchesse de Bourgogne (1685-1696) ». Her mother, who was in constant contact with her native France, prepared the little girl very well for what she had to expect at the Sun King’s court. Her betrothal to the Duke of Burgundy in June 1696[1] was part of the Treaty of Turin, signed on 29 August 1696. They informed the father-in-law of Maulevrier, who happened to be the Comte de Tessé, and he decided that since the illness Maulevrier suffered of had still not been cured by the doctors, Maulevrier should accompany him to Spain for a change of air. Marie-Adélaïde asked for the prayers for the dying to bed read an hour later, but was told that it was not yet that serious and she should try to sleep instead. Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon were plunged into sadness. (The marriage was not consummated until two years later.) Unknown to the other, the Duchesse exchanged looks and words with both as well as secret missives. Louis XV subsequently named his fourth daughter Marie Adélaïde in his mother's honour.[20]. In 1661, Philippe also received the dukedoms of Valois and Chartres. She had to go wherever he went, even when she was not feeling well or pregnant. He knew what was going on and fearing for his very future at court, decided to avoid Maulevrier as best as he could. He loved Marie-Adélaïde and mourned her like he had once mourned his mother. On April 13, he drove to Marly in the afternoon for some fresh air and a chat with the Duchesse de Bourgogne. I am extremely pleased with her, and I hope you will be so too when you see her.”, Madame de Maintenon was indeed very pleased as well. While she tried, the doctors, seven of them, had a chat about what to do next. In early April 1711, her father-in-law Le Grand Dauphin caught smallpox and died on 14 April at the Château de Meudon. Until then, Marie-Adélaïde had visited Saint-Cyr three times a week to be prepared for her duties. The Duchess of Burgundy gave birth to her first child in 1704. The death of Philippe de France, Duc d’Orléans. Marie Adélaïde of Savoy (6 December 1685 – 12 February 1712) was the wife of Louis, Dauphin of France, Duke of Burgundy.She was the eldest daughter of Victor Amadeus II, Duke of Savoy, and of Anne Marie d'Orléans.Her betrothal to the Duke of Burgundy in June 1696 was part of the Treaty of Turin, signed on 29 August 1696.She was the mother of the future King Louis XV of France. She met Louis XIV there for the first time on 4 November and the great Sun King was at once utterly taken with her. One day, as Marie-Adélaïde sat down with her father-in-law, whose clique was the source of the lies, the Dauphin invited Vendôme to join them. Emperor Leopold declined, due to the young age of Marie-Adélaïde. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. but girls just wanna have fun. Le mariage du « Petit Dauphin » Né à Versailles le 6 août 1682, quelques semaines seulement après l’installation de la Cour, Louis de France est le petit-fils de Louis XIV. She had to rise again in the afternoon, because Louis insisted she should join him in the salons. It was quite the humiliation for him. Maulevrier whispered to her what he had found out on the way and talked bad of his rival. Both left at nightfall, to be at Marly in time for the King’s supper. La Duchesse De Bourgogne - Une Princesse De Savoie À La Cour De Louis Xiv 1685-1712. But with no evil spirit. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Ils eurent trois enfants. Fils aîné du Grand Dauphin et de Marie-Anne de Bavière. It was as if the court woke from a long slumber. To maintain her influence over her grandfather-in-law, the Duchess of Burgundy organized Berry's marriage to Marie Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans, the eldest daughter of Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans and of his wife Françoise Marie de Bourbon. He got into a heated argument with the Dauphin about it. If wedded to the right person, they can secure peace for their native land. Madame de Ventadour was renowned for having saved the infant Louis XV's life. Madame, her step-grandma, was not so much of a fan. Madame later said that Marie Adélaïde was one of the only two persons Louis XIV had ever truly loved in his life, the other being Anne of Austria, the king's mother. Marie-Adélaïde was only around ten years old as the negations for a possible match started. She did that, her face being wrapped up, and played cards, before retiring again to have supper in bed. The disasters of the war were so great that, in 1709, France came close to losing all the advantages gained over the preceding century. She taught her the who is who, the who to avoid, to whom she should be especially kind to, what the King enjoyed and what he did not enjoy, what her grandpa, Monsieur, liked and how she could please both. The little girl was baptised Marie-Adélaïde, with her grandmother Marie-Jeanne-Baptiste de Savoie and Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie-Carignan acting as godparents. Madame de Maintenon was not at all fond of gambling and Louis XIV was not too fond of it anymore either. This print is a wonderful illustration of late Louis XIV style. She also had bad teeth and abscesses formed frequently, which put her in a lot of pain. She wrote in a letter to Anne-Marie d’Orléans: “Your Royal Highness, will hardly believe how pleased the king is. Yesterday I tried to resist her caresses, saying that I was too old, to which she replied, “Ah, point si vieille!” She came up to me, when the king had left the room, and kissed me. [5] As children, she and her sister Maria Luisa frequented the Vigno di Madama outside Turin, and paid weekly visits to their grandmother at the Palazzo Madama in Turin. • Fraser, Antonia (2006). Until then, there were plenty other things to do and the new Duchesse engaged happily in them. Neither of it helped and only weakened her further… and so, on 12 February, a Friday, after several hours of unconsciousness, Marie-Adélaïde died at 8 o’clock in the evening. Duchesse De Bourgogne is a Sour - Flanders Red Ale style beer brewed by Brouwerij Verhaeghe in Vichte, Belgium. A perfect Princesse. Vendôme was about to seat himself as he was send away again. Louis XIV disagreed strongly with the idea, for it would mean his favourite would dance with all sorts of men. Elle est le dernier enfant de Charles Ier d’Angleterre et d’Henriette-Marie de Bourbon. Content may not be reproduced or distributed without permission of the author(s). Henriette-Anne d’Angleterre, appelée couramment Henriette, naît le 16 juin 1644. Louis XIV and his descendants: la duchesse de Ventadour (royal governess), the duc de Bretagne, the Grand Dauphin, Louis XIV and the duc de Bourgogne, 1710 attributed to Nicolas de Largillière (1656-1746) Louis, duc de Bourgogne, puis dauphin de France, adolescent, d'après De Troy Rois et Reines d'Europe Le marié a quinze ans et la duchesse douze. As the Duc returned from a failed military campaign and all blame was put on him by an intrigue aiming to discredit him, Marie-Adélaïde, in love with him or not, was steadfast at his side. The fever returned over night and this time stronger. Son enfance n’est pas des plus heureuses : elle voit le jour en pleine guerre civile. la duchesse de Bourgogne ; l'ère de Louis XV on Amazon.com. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Saint-Simon relates the following exchange as Louis and Madame de Maintenon talked about Queen Anne: “‘ Ma tante,’ one must admit that in England the queens govern better than the kings: and do you know why, ma tante? [8] The Treaty of Turin was negotiated under the influence of the Maréchal de Tessé, who suggested that Marie Adelaïde be sent to France to perfect her education before marrying the French prince.[9]. I am going to see her, and will close this letter as late as possible in order to give you the last news. Marie Adélaïde of Savoy (6 December 1685 – 12 February 1712) was the wife of Louis, Dauphin of France, Duke of Burgundy. She did not care much for rank and such things. Le marié a quinze ans et la duchesse douze. La Duchesse De Bourgogne Et L'Alliance Savoyarde Sous Louis XIV / Par Le Comte D'Haussonville. Publication date 1909 Topics Marie Adelaide, of Savoy, Duchess of Burgundy, 1685-1712 Publisher New York, Charles Scribner's Sons Collection cornell; americana [13] She also maintained an ongoing correspondence with her parents and grandmother back in Savoy. [3], Duc De Bourgogne a L'Arme´e; Les Annees D'Epreuves Duc de bourgogne louis xiv - Die besten Duc de bourgogne louis xiv analysiert Even more so as the King heard of the matter and thus withdrew his right to appear at Marly, for it bothered the Duchesse. duchesse de Berry in France during the years 1832 and 1833. The marriage of Marie Adélaïde came as a result of the Treaty of Turin signed on 29 August 1696. Madame du Lude, dame d'honneur de la duchesse de Bourgogne, servant une collation au duc et à la duchesse de Bourgogne (Versailles) | Grand Ladies. The Duchesse was also extremely fond of card games, especially of lansquenet. The mourning court traveled to Fontainebleau in February 1712. After the Dauphine's death, the royal family moved to Marly to avoid the spread of infection. She did that and also received absolution and extreme unction. Something else that worried Madame de Maintenon was that the Duc seemed way more in love with the Duchesse, than the Duchesse with him. Marie-Adélaïde was already Louis’ favourite as it was finally time for the wedding to go ahead. Instead, three days a week, she was a pupil at the Maison royale de Saint-Louis, the girls' school Madame de Maintenon had founded in 1684 in Saint-Cyr, in the vicinity of Versailles. Lorsque le petit prince meurt de convulsions en avril 1705, le duc et la duchesse de Bourgogne sont unis dans la douleur. The child, a short-lived boy, was given the title Duke of Brittany[16] before his death in 1705. The Dauphine was the subject of a statue held at the Louvre in which she posed as the Roman goddess Diana which was crafted by Antoine Coysevox in 1710. supra Andrea Merlotti, « la courte enfance de la duchesse de Bourgogne (1685-1696) ». Marie-Adélaïde departed from Savoy and crossed the French border on 15 October in 1696 without entourage. The Duc was not entirely without fault for the failed campaign, but Vendôme was not innocent either. Only after the high-ranking officers returned as well and told the King of what happened, he began to see it was a plot against the Duc. I have just heard that she has slept for an hour and hopes to have a good night.”. Nangis however was smart enough to not let himself be provoked. [19], The couple was buried together at the Basilica of Saint Denis on 23 February 1712. We are still stunned by our loss, and every day we feel it more intensely. Monsieur, her grandpa, was beside himself with joy at the thought. Louis of France, Duke of Brittany (25 June 1704 – 13 April 1705) died of convulsions; This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 17:30.

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