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But edge lighting does have its downside. It allows them to discuss with our members the issues facing them in bringing new products to the market. We provide users with their local TV listings, entertainment news and television highlights! links. Vi har et bredt sortiment, fra gode begynderanlæg til eksklusiv high end, men fælles for alle vores produkter er, at vi har valgt dem, fordi vi mener, at de tilbyder den bedste kvalitet til prisen. And what a screen it is. You do also get a better remote that's neatly laid out and doesn't require line of sight in order to send commands to the TV. Now would you like the 85-inch model or the 98-incher? A forum community dedicated to home theater owners and enthusiasts. It allows them to discuss with our members the issues facing them in bringing new products to the market. ELYSIUM. Screen size: 50in (also available in 43in, 55in, 65in) | Type: LCD | Backlight: Direct LED | Resolution: 4K | Operating system: Roku | HDR support: HDR10, HLG | HDMI inputs: 3 | USBs: 1 | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 66 x 113 x 8.6cm. But the set looks fairly smart in its own right. We've run the rule over all the major 4K and 8K televisions we've tested to bring you the best of the best. Newcastle: Tel: 0191 285 7179 6 Kingston Court, Kingston Park, Newcastle, NE3 2FP . For comparatively very little money you're getting a 55-inch TV that performs brilliantly, particularly with HDR content, and one that boasts the best, most app-laden operating system available at any price. If you are getting unwanted notifications of new threads and messages, please follow these instructions to remove them. JavaScript is disabled. Finally, you can buy a 4K OLED TV that's smaller than 55in. HiFi and Music Discussion Forums. by Cas Harlow. LED TV? The Tizen operating system is largely unchanged, and that's no bad thing. Megastore Memberships Wammer Super Wammer Plus VIP (Coming Soon) HIFIPAGES Dealer Super Dealer Page Banner Advertising More . The set sounds decent, too, particularly for one with essentially invisible speakers. Contact Us Clubs More. On the motion side of things, it displays a satisfyingly natural degree of smoothing, and manages to dig up plenty of detail. Excellent. It makes the most of 4K HDR but it also does a superb job with lower resolution, SDR content. The performance is superb. There's just one problem with buying a TV: there are so damn many of them that it can be almost impossible to work out which one is best for you. There's no VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), but at this price, that's hardly surprising. HiFi Live TV (All TV Channel Available) Android latest 1.0 APK Download and Install. CONTAINS SPOILERS, please do not read until you have … This set is practically all screen – the black bezel is flush with the screen so you don’t notice it when the set is off. RiCat Dec 18, 2020 at 12:57 AM. This Panny's motion handling is superb, too, and the sound has a sense of spaciousness that could convince you you don't need a soundbar (though obviously we would recommend one). And now Sony has one of its own, too. If you're looking for a high-end TV at a smaller size than 55in, 2019's Sony KD-49XG9005 should definitely factor into your thinking. Make offer - retro hi fi media unit led tv teak veneer sideboard w 182 cm d 36 cm h 77 cm . The brand-new Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless over-ear headphones, Sony KD-48A9 4K OLED TV and Sony Xperia 1 II phone have helped the Japanese giant become the most consistently decorated brand at the What Hi-Fi? So now I'm getting back to being a homebody, I often wondered if home hifi's still made sense? Thanks Jack . By: Search Advanced search… Search titles only ... TV - Samsung LE37C530F1WXXU HiFi - Samsung MX-J630/XU Any help would be greatly appreciated. TOOTH FAIRY. Get to grips with the world of wireless networking – from multiroom music to Internet TV, all without wires. But fear not, it still boasts Samsung's core performance and feature set, at a smaller size and a lower price. Captain Phillips. All rights reserved. Voice controls are handled by Amazon's Alexa or Samsung's Bixby personal assistants, with Google Assistant due to land soon via a firmware update. The latest tech news, products and live coverage: hi-fi, home cinema, streaming systems, wireless speakers, smartphones, TVs and more - What Hi-Fi? This core model from LG’s 2020 OLED TV range is a hugely capable all-rounder. It's perhaps not the flagship TV we were expecting, but the Q95T is still a cracking set. LG's 'Gallery' 4K TV is a thing of beauty, and ideal for wall-mounting. Alphason Finewoods Light Oak TV / Hifi Stand - FW750-LO/B. And the picture quality? 8.4K Threads 83.7K Messages. Workington: Tel: 01900 603917 27 Finkle Street, Workington, CA14 2BE . 8.4K Threads 83.7K Messages . The Plasma Centre, leading suppliers of HiFi Racks, Hi-Fi Racks, Hifi Stands, Glass Hifi Stands, HiFi Furniture order online now. It produces stunningly crisp and detailed pictures from all sources, delivers far more accomplished audio than most rivals, adds awesome Ambilight (which extends the onscreen action onto the wall around the TV in the form of coloured light) to the mix, and has a lower price tag than its LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung equivalents. We say "will" because the set requires a firmware update, but Sony assures that'll land in time for the PS5's launch. Apr 9, 2016 #2 Your TV has an optical output. Find out which display is best for you. In the past, it has proven to be the sweet spot where picture quality and price intersect to maximum effect. A great 4K TV for those on a tight budget. Here Alan McIntosh takes a listen to their Nico Evolution Speakers & partnering stands costing £6000. T-Forum, la vera HiFi alla portata di tutti. Philips strikes gold with this talented 4K TV. The only differences between the two are that the Q95T gets a more stylish, metal remote and the One Connect system, which sees all connections (including power) routed through a separate box that can be easily hidden away. 0 A. americanaudiophile Titan. But no TV I have considered so far has them so do I use the optical output which would go to a DAC (which I haven't got yet) and from there to the analogue inputs (preamp is Quad 99)? Indeed, it looks more like a pricier OLED, thanks mostly to the edge-lit LED backlight. Hi-Fi Forum er en specialforretning på Frederiksberg i København for folk, der sætter pris på god lyd. By: Search Advanced search… Search titles only ... Hi I would like to connect my tv to my hifi that has a audio in connection, and I can’t see any other connection on my new hifi.thanks. The Vision Ears EVE20 recently took home the "Best UIEM cabled 2020" award from Headfonia, and to celebrate Vision Ears is offering Head-Fi'ers 10% off all orders until Jan 17th. New Products and HiFi Start Ups This is a new forum which highlights new and evolving business start ups, their products and prices. Purite Audio MCRU Elite Audio More . When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It sounds a bit better, too, thanks to the bigger chassis, although the CX isn't the best-sounding TV in its class. Skip to content. It does have a rather large enclosure bolted onto the back (to house the speakers, processing hardware and connections), but you'll only notice if you look at the set side-on. A community for audiophiles! The blacks are actually surprisingly deep for a TV this affordable, and there's a hefty amount of punch. Brand new for 2020, the Q95T shares the top spot in Samsung's 2020 4K TV range with the Q90T. We'll just come out and say it: you don't need an 8K TV. One fairly big downside for UK buyers is that some of the UK's terrestrial catch-up apps are currently missing from LG's 2020 smart platform. The contrast ratio isn't as impressive as an OLED or QLED TV, of course, but that's to be expected. For not a huge amount more, you get seven extra inches of OLED panel real estate and all of the excellent picture qualities and advanced features of its smaller sibling. I'm mid-50's in age, so I grew up with good quality hi-fi systems. In fact, it's quite a lot smaller: the OLED48CX is, you guessed it, a 48in TV, and therefore brings flagship OLED performance to under 50in for the first time. The Q80T looks much like any other Samsung QLED, although it is a little bit chunkier than the Q95T and Q90T above. There are plenty of options to fiddle with, but just leave it on auto and you'll still be treated to a great experience visually. 3D TV, Smart TV or IPTV? LG’s B9 OLED features combines a 2018 processor with a 2019 panel for extra affordability. Enjoy the Music.TV . It’s the top 4K TV in Samsung’s 2020 TV range, but as a result of the company’s increased focus on 8K models, it’s also less of a flagship model than last year’s Q90R. Connettiti in modo da farti riconoscere come membro affezionato, oppure registrati così potrai partecipare attivamente alle discussioni. A topic is a conversation between members or guests. There are not many 8K TVs around just now and that's at least partly because there's currently no 8K content to watch. Decisions, decisions... What Hi-Fi? News, Entertainment, Music ,Sports Channel Available Modern TV HiFi Stereo Console Stand Unit Metal Frame Clear And Frosted Glass. Showroom open to the public. Home Theater Hardware Hangout Welcome to the Audioholics Forum, a friendly place to discuss everything related to home theater, including the AV equipment, set up, calibration and more. A slightly bigger one is that the HZ1000 is currently more expensive than all of its obvious rivals, and those TVs are all excellent, too. BA1 1UA. Today at 3:42 PM; gregvet; Digital TV Services New. SPIDER-MAN. It sounds pretty great, too. An ideal option for both gamers and non-gamers alike. Most importantly, last year's shell has been stuffed with upgraded kit, including Sony's flagship processor, the X1 Ultimate, which brings with it lots of picture improvements. You don't even get a stand in the box (although feet can be bought separately), with a low-profile mount provided instead. FREE UK Mainland Delivery. I'm about to get a new TV but need some advice about connecting the sound to the hifi system. Sony’s X-Motion Clarity motion processing technology is reliably superb, making fast-moving pictures like games, sports and action films as smooth as butter. Dedicated UK Support Team. Screen size: 58in (also available in 40in, 50in, 65in) | Type: LCD | Backlight: edge LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, HDR10+ | Operating system: My Home Screen 5.0 | HDMI inputs: 3 | ARC/eARC: ARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 76 x 130 x 6.5cm. Brilliantly balanced, natural colours, lots of detail and super-sharp edges combine to deliver a picture that's both authentic and enticing, not to mention consistent across all sources. Screen size: 48in (also available in 55in, 65in, 77in) | Type: OLED | Backlight: not applicable | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: webOS | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 62 x 107 x 4.7cm. Read the full Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B review. T-Forum, la vera HiFi alla portata di tutti. Search titles only . If you can find some 8K footage (the only content we could lay our hands on was demo footage), you'll be blown away. The perfect blacks and near-perfect viewing angles we're used to from OLED, combine with bright, punchy whites and vibrant but natural colours. This new Samsung QLED sets a formidable benchmark for mid-range TVs in 2020, offering a high-end performance at a very reasonable price. If a TV is on this list it's a bona fide belter, so you know you're getting top bang for your buck. Authorised UK Seller for all the top brands. Plasma TV? No other operating system has as much content or more quickly gets you to what you want to watch. This makes it the most affordable model in LG’s 2019 OLED range and an even more tempting proposition than before thanks to recent discounts. The Tizen OS is the same as seen on Samsung's flagship TVs, which means a slick user interface and apps galore. KEF’s hard graft this year has paid off, too, with its new Metamaterial absorption technology more than proving its worth in the recently launched LS50 … Movies & TV Review. With new UK distribution in the form Auden Distribution, Memphis based EgglestonWorks has been a name in the high-end marketplace for more than 25 years. Many thanks in advance. The LG B9 is a mixture of the old and the not so old – it combines the company's 2018 TV processor with its 2019 OLED panel. If you can stump up the funds, you will not be disappointed. LED TV? There's a lot of pressure on the 49in KD-49XH9505 (XBR-49X950H in the States), as all three of its predecessors have taken home What Hi-Fi? We've been waiting for this moment for a long time. A Knight’s Tale. Samsung's 8-series has traditionally been positioned just below the company’s glamorous range-topping QLEDs. Why not register? Samsung’s top 4K model for 2020 is punchy, feature-packed and good value. Columns Editorials By Tom Lyle Viewpoint By Roger Skoff Viewpoint By Steven R. Rochlin Various Think Pieces Manufacturer Articles: Show Reports The HiFi Summit Q4 2020 The HiFi Summit Q2 2020 Bristol Hi-Fi Show Report 2020 Florida Audio Expo 2020 Show Report As time marched on and the kids came I had less time for listening at home, it was always on the run aka iPod. The supplied remote really isn’t befitting a TV of this quality, either. It doesn't get every feature of its bigger XG9505 siblings (hence the slight difference in model number), but it does get most and delivers an excellent picture for its size and price. What’s Best Forum is THE forum for high end audio, product reviews, advice and sharing experiences on the best of everything else. We can't help but give a hearty recommendation for this budget 50-inch 4K TV. The Panasonic TX-55HZ1000B is an absolutely brilliant TV. By Ve fóru je celkem 44 uživatelů :: 8 registrovaných, 0 skrytých a 36 hostů (založeno na uživatelích aktivních během posledních 5 minut) Nejvíce zde současně bylo přítomno 419 uživatelů dne 02 pro 2020 07:59 A little lightweight compared to some, but it's clear, precise and well projected. These sets go blacker and, in the case of the LG, produce brighter highlights in otherwise dark images, but the Samsung is vastly punchier with almost everything you watch and images pop from the screen in a way that OLEDs still can’t match. More Screen size: 50in (also available in 43in, 55in and 65in) | Type: LCD | Backlight: edge LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ | Operating system: Tizen | HDMI inputs: 3 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 64 x 112 x 5.7cm. Discuss the latest articles written by the What Hi-Fi? Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, (Image credit: Sony / The Boys, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Samsung / Fear The Walking Dead, Amazon Prime ), (Image credit: Philips / Alex Rider, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Sony / Hunters, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Future / How to build a girl, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Samsung / Truth Seekers, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Panasonic / Goliath, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: LG / The Boys, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: LG / Paatal Lok, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Sony / Absentia, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Sony / Hanna, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Future / El Corazón de Sergio Ramos, Amazon Prime ), (Image credit: Future / Future Man, Amazon Prime Video), (Image credit: Samsung / The Last Narc, Amazon Prime), (Image credit: Future / Jack Ryan, Amazon Prime), We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. LG's new 2020 models are undeniably better and it's worth paying the extra for one of those if you can. 's round-up of the best TVs you can buy in 2020. It's stunningly punchy and vibrant, and a real step on from 4K. It sounds a lot better than most of its similarly-priced rivals, though of course we would always recommend partnering it with a dedicated sound system to really enhance the experience. Hi-Fi Forum er en specialforretning på Frederiksberg i København for folk, der sætter pris på god lyd. More important than how it fares against its discontinued sibling, though, is how it fares against similarly priced 2020 TVs such as the LG OLED55CX and Philips 55OLED805. Venez rejoindre notre communauté ! About us. At this price, there really is no competition. The KD-49XG9005 has now been replaced by the KD-49XH9505, which is even better, but this older model is still well worth considering on account of how much it's been discounted. Join us at vintage electronics radio & television forum, become a member, instantly gain access to the vast experience within our community. Discuss TV series here - this is a forum for discussion, spoilers etc of current and past TV shows. Fully-certified HDMI 2.1 sockets bring with them a degree of future-proofing and there are more than enough sockets to accommodate any device you might care to attach. TRADE Hifi Pages Dealer Super Dealer . Home. The only feature gap of real significance is the lack of Dolby Vision. Famous Feuds. 163. Subscribe; Newsletter; Sound+Image; Australian Hi-Fi; Trending; Gift Guide; iPhone 12; Sonos Beam; PS5; KEF LS50 Meta; HomePod Mini; B&W 607 S2 Anniversary Edition; What Hi-Fi? Brancher chaine hifi sur tv sans prise jack - Forum ... Brancher enceinte chaine hifi sur tv - Forum - Matériel HiFi / Enceintes; 1 réponse. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Gamers may be put off by the lack of next-gen HDMI features such as VRR (HDMI eARC is missing too), but for everyone else, the 55OLED805 represents an excellent purchase. Makes the most compelling case for 8K TV yet. Does anyone know any deals on the new Kef LS50 Wireless 2 speakers? The picture itself is good straight out of the box, too, though tinkering a little with the contrast, brightness and colour settings will yield even better results. Replies: 100 Views: 3,807. The picture is natural, colourful and well-measured for contrast whether you’re watching in 4K or upscaling from HD, and whatever processor power is missing certainly won't ruin your TV experience. May 29, 2013 2,847 1 33,265 1,026. Really want to use the speakers for my Xbox! On the other hand, if you're happy to spend the money, an 8K set could be a sound investment – it'll also play 4K content, after all, and if you don't want to buy another TV when 8K takes off, paying once could be the smart option. The weekend's forum reorganisation threw up some extra forum notifications. Alphason Finewoods Walnut TV / Hifi Stand - FW750W-B. Despite being a little pricier than some mid-range rivals (and its predecessor), the HX800 remains an excellent performance-per-pound proposition. Aug 27, 2008 14,938 138 103,240 7,780 . Ve fóru je celkem 44 uživatelů :: 8 registrovaných, 0 skrytých a 36 hostů (založeno na uživatelích aktivních během posledních 5 minut) Nejvíce zde současně bylo přítomno 419 uživatelů dne 02 pro 2020 07:59 This 55-inch 4K TV represents exceptional value for money. By … It may not look much but in terms of features and connectivity, it surely offers everything you need, from HDMI, optical, USB and headphone connections, to Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Freeview Play, Apple TV, Disney Plus, Spotify, and plenty more. 4K HDR streaming is available via the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+. It even makes standard definition content watchable. Kdo je online. More Ticks all the boxes, then. Most 43in TVs offer about a tenth of the features of a bigger set, but not this one. Welcome to the Audio Forums, a friendly community of audio enthusiasts with discussion ranging from hifi setups to equipment classifieds. Hi-Fi & Streaming: the latest reviews, news, buying guides and in-depth features from Stuff. Men in Black. Any other topic that doesn't fit into existing categories. G. Any experience with The Frame by Samsung. Come join the discussion about home audio/video, TVs, projectors, screens, receivers, speakers, projects, DIY’s, product reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! Screen size: 65in (also available in 55in, 75in) | Type: OLED | Backlight: Not applicable | Resolution: 4K | Operating system: webOS | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: webOS | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 83 x 145 x 2cm. You … Samsung doesn’t release specific numbers, but we understand the Q95T has only around a quarter of the number of dimming zones of the Q90R, which could have a big impact on contrast. Screen size: 43in | Type: LCD | Backlight: edge LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | Operating system: Samsung Tizen | HDMI inputs: 2 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 56 x 96 x 5.9cm. Why buy from The Plasma Centre ? Chet. Bienvenue sur la page d'accueil du forum TV - HiFi- Home Cinema de The company has basically reused the shell of last year's KD-49XG9005, which is a bit of a shame as it's fairly thick and has awkward-looking feet that give the set an overly wide footprint. Do also take a look at our guide on how to choose the right TV for your needs, and check out our round-up of the best TV wall mounts if you're looking to get your set on the wall. You can obviously add these fairly easily and inexpensively by adding a streamer such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, but you really shouldn't have to. £80.00. The place to discuss consoles, games and more! Just. Below you'll find TVs of various sizes, budgets and technologies, from 55 inch TVs to OLED TVs, small TVs to cheap TVs, and even 8K TVs. Playstation fanatic? It's 4K, naturally, HDR formats are well catered for (with the exception of Dolby Vision, which no Samsung sets support), and it supports Auto Low Latency Mode, which switches the TV to game mode when it detects a gaming signal. Bonjour, J ai un tv Samsung et une chaîne hifi LG avec usb et prise Jack ( port in) Pouvez vous me dire comment la brancher pour avoir le son de ma tv sur la chaîne merci. By Simon Lucas . The place to talk about PC audio and video, DACs, NAS, software, audio and video playback software, DLNA, etc... From solving issues with your smartphone to musing on the latest iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet - and the latest, greatest Apps - discuss it here. To start a new topic simply click on the + New Topic button (you may need the right permissions to do this). The Samsung Q90T is a slightly tricky proposition. panasonic tx55gz950b 55" 4k oled tv Awarded a 5* review by What Hifi and described as "Great value and with impressive sound, the Panasonic GZ950 should definitely be … The CX, by comparison, is 4.7cm deep at its thickest point. Want to request new features or report an issue with the What Hi-Fi forums? Samsung are in denial that their 2020 models are unfit for purpose with major audio sync issues. Screen size: 48in | Type: OLED | Backlight: not applicable | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: Android TV 9 | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 62 x 107 x 5.8cm. This is, of course, a QLED model with a direct, full array backlight. Screen size: 65in (also available in 55in) | Type: OLED | Backlight: not applicable | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: Tizen | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 83 x 145 x 4.7cm. Diskuzní fórum o Hi-Fi a AV technice. Audio recommendations from audiophiles and free forums. The set is a uniform 2cm deep, which is exceptionally slim. There are plenty of connections for hooking up partner kit, and you won't be wanting for onboard tech: this is a full-array LED-backlit TV with local dimming, and supports the HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision HDR standards, and Dolby Atmos for sound. Either way, this is a stunning TV. Screen size: 55in (also available in 65in, 75in) | Type: QLED | Backlight: direct LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, HDR10+ | Operating system: Tizen | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 71 x 123 x 3.5cm. The 65XH9005 is one of the TVs that Sony is selling as "ready for PS5". … Performance is stunning, especially with dark detail. Dying for the latest from Nintendo? From simple home cinema systems to surround sound set-ups, Blu-ray players and more – find it all here. Time was that you couldn't get an OLED TV under 55in, but then LG launched the world's first commercially available 48in OLED set. Forums Gallery Mods More . An excellent 4K TV and one of Sony's best OLED offerings to date. Plus you can buy 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Horn speaker lovers. Screen size: 49in (also available in 55in, 65in, 75in 85in) | Type: LCD | Backlight: Direct LED | Resolution: 4K | HDR formats supported: HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision | Operating system: Android TV 9.0 | HDMI inputs: 4 | ARC/eARC: eARC | Optical output: Yes | Dimensions (hwd, without stand): 63 x 109 x 6.9cm. FiiO BTR3K-Balanced High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amp, AK4377A*2, Bluetooth 5.0. Any small Horn speaker? £25.00 7h 55m. Away from the picture, the TV itself is stylish, super slim, and the bezels are amazingly thin. Read on for the smartest, wittiest tech writing on the web On the audio side, the A8 lacks a little bass depth and weight, but otherwise impresses with its crisp, dynamic delivery. The feature set is very impressive, with ALLM, eARC, 4K and three formats of HDR supported. Best TV Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi? retro hi fi media unit led tv teak veneer sideboard w 182 cm d 36 cm h 77 cm . HeadRoom Premier Sponsor Forum; HiFi Headphones Premier Sponsor Forum; Threads 3.7K Messages 63.9K. A Blue Ant Media Entertainment Site © 2020 Blue Ant Media All rights reserved. A simple TV to set-up when it comes to getting the best possible picture, the Q80T ultimately delivers a brilliantly dynamic image with deep black levels, excellent contrast and neutral but vibrant colours. but not as crazy as Samsung's awful customer care. All told, this is a punchier and more richly coloured performer than its predecessor, with more dark detail and the excellent motion processing for which Sony is renowned. That's thanks to Samsung's Quantum Processor 8K and its 8K AI Upscaling feature, which succeed in making non-8K content look better than ever: watching a 4K Blu-ray, we can’t recall a sharper 4K picture, with nothing looking artificially enhanced or exaggerated – it simply pops from the screen more than we’ve previously seen. I've got a 55" LED TV with a Samsung AH68-02930A sound bar, because as a family we enjoy watching movies. Full HD or HD-ready? Our experts have answers. FITUEYES Glass TV Stand TV Unit 4 Tier Hifi Media . Hi-fi and audio reviews. And so it proves once more. £170.00 Sold Out. The Amazing Spider-Man. 3D TV, Smart TV or IPTV? Prime Video now on Sky Q. Sky Go on Fire stick? This isn't a downgraded flagship TV – it's a downsized flagship TV. Of course, £14k is a lot to pay for a whole load of resolution that can't currently be utilised, but for some being ahead of the curve is part of the pleasure.

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