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With help from Brabham’s Ron Tauranac and shaping by Hubert, Alpine had entered the Formula 3 category and found their car carrying that year’s French Champion, a feat equalled in 1971 and 1972 and also surpassed in 1972 with the team’s European Championship. Floor the throttle and the A110 roars around bends at a stunning pace, the steering amazingly communicative as the scenery flashes by in a surreal blur of this-shouldn’t-be-possible adrenalin-fuelled excitement. Tipping the scales with a dry weight of just 545kg (1200lb), the Berlinette had an enviable power-to-weight ratio, ensuring excellent performance, but – unlikely though it may sound – the car’s greatest virtue lay in its astonishing cornering prowess and traction. For one, the A110 was primarily conceived as a tarmac rally terror, with the gift of high traction via it’s rear engine layout. Though I do also find the original V6 quite beautiful, and a better performer. An 110 is too cramped for me, and at the time the 310 was what the 928 was for Porsche: a logical step up the ladder. L’Alpine A110 CUP face à la concurrence en TTE . He appears to have been a self-effacing and modest figure in the ego-driven world of the automotive stylist. Using Fissore as a ‘home base’, Fiore might have returned now and again with some of the sketches, which were then left inadvertently lying around when Peter Monteverdi decided they would suit his own purposes. 18. It is ashamed that the Gordini V8 did not work out. Its unconventional handsomeness wins me over. In 1966, an A210 won the Index of Thermal Efficiency at Le Mans and four of the Alpine prototypes entered covered a combined distance of over 4,000 km – greater than any other French manufacturer had accomplished at Sarthe. After the refinement of the GTA, Crispin Forster’s A110 is a loud and brutal hooligan. IIRC, Porsche was selling like 70% of its cars in the US in 50s and early 60s. Wow! Alpine Renault continued to develop their range of models all through the 1980s. I must have seen an A310 at some point. A really wonderful piece. It featured a new 3 litre V8 engine by Amédée Gordini and finished four of its five entries but earned no podiums. It’s listed in the 1977 World Cars catalogue alongside the V6 but when you compare the prices listed; 76,900 Francs for the 95 hp A310 TX, and 77,900 Francs for the 150 hp A310 V6, the senior model seems like a bargain. Fed by an unusual combination of one single- and one twin-choke Solex carburettor, the 2664cc Douvrin unit produced 150bhp and a useful 151lb ft of torque, giving 0-60mph in just 7.2 secs and a top speed of 140mph. – A great French site focusing on the four-cylinder A310, – An enormous trove featuring the work of Gaston Juchet, A French television news piece on Michel Béligond and the A310, Professor Peter Stevens on his time contributing to the A310 How devastating it must have been for this man – whose delicacy of touch went to the very essence of his character – see his facility ebb away just as he was in the midst of perhaps the most exciting project of his career. It was over 200 kgs heavier than the A110, and with both using the same engine it was the two seater that continued to excel. I’ll be rereading this in the near future. Despite the fact that the Michelotti car was not favoured, Rédélé rather sneakily ordered a two-seater cabriolet prototype from Michelotti/Allemano based on the coupe as the Renault project progressed. If the ’80s are your thing, you’ll love this low-slung leather-clad shrine to the yuppie dream. La DMC-12, c’est l’idée de John DeLorean, un américain et ancien dirigeant de General Motors qui souhaite fabriquer sa propre voiture. Pour motoriser la future bombe de la régie, on pensa tout d'abord utiliser le 1600 cm3 des Alpine A110, A310 et autres R12 Gordini et R17 TS.Sur cette base, plusieurs cylindrées et puissances avaient déjà été testée et il était assez facile de gonfler encore le bloc jusqu'à 1800 cm3 pour sortir les 200 chevaux prévus. Le stage de pilotage – 99,00€ Le circuit du Laquais, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, vous propose en attendant de recevoir votre exemplaire de faire un petit tour en Alpine A110, … He relates things thus; ‘It was at this time that I became involved with Alpine whilst working with UK designer Trevor Fiore. On the other hand I get all googly-eyed over old Alfa Spiders and Lancia Fulvia’s so maybe I like the 60’s and the 80’s…Although 70’s VW and Ford of Europe styling does it for me as well so who knows…. This might have been taken as a direct competitor to the Alpine, but what would emerge was ultimately a small boulevardier rather than a performance car. The spongy seats are far softer than those of the GTA, and the narrower, oh-so-’70s cabin more inviting. I’ll leave it to the bien informés to point out any other modifications during the A310’s life. Whereas the previous Alpine models had sold in the hundreds, over 7,500 examples of the A110 would be produced. That’s him standing at left in this publicity still for Renault featuring R16 scale models. Under familial pressure, Rédélé gave up on his little Michelotti and instead joined Escoffier in a venture formalised as ‘Société des Automobiles Alpine’ on 6 July 1955. One interesting point about the Stratos and Renault. But by the early 1970s, another stylist had stepped up to claim the Hai’s shape – Trevor Fiore. Now I will think of some of the pictures above. The Alpine A110 succeeded the earlier A108. Yet it took nearly no time at all to find out, this same layout in combination with thicker, heavier fiberglass panels in calculated places, along with increased ride height made it nearly as effective on loose and/or rough surfaces. If Alpine had edged slightly ahead of the fibreglass-bodied Lotus, it was still lagging behind the rear-engined Porsche. It must have taken extensive research to write and to obtain all that photographic history. All URLs listed were available through the Internet on April 7, 2010. However, after winning five special stages, Nicolas and chassis 18393 were safe in 2nd overall, finishing over 19 minutes ahead of Jean-Luc Thérier, in a sister Alpine A310, in 3rd. The 2.6 L motor was modified by Alpine with a four-speed manual gearbox. Owners of the Alpine A110, Alpine A310, Renault 5 Alpine, 5 Turbo 1 & 2, Spider, Clio V6 and all Turbo & Renaultsport vehicles built at the former Alpine factory in Dieppe are welcome and will find photographs, literature and information relating to their cars. Motorisation Moteur turbocompressé. Opel/Vauxhall payback for this Interlagos prototype? And they were terrible rusters. 1976 also saw the release of the Renault R5 Alpine. During the car’s development, aerodynamicist Marcel Hubert had paid much attention to detail, and neat touches included the adoption of a distinctive nose with six Cibié headlamps nestling Citroën SM-style behind glass covers. Great piece on a brand I did not know much about. After outright victory in the 1950 Dieppe Rally, he again caught the eye of Renault who put him in a race-prepped ‘1063’ 4CV for the Monte Carlo Rally where he finished fourth in class. Renault Alpine A310 V6. Renault Sport are now in the former Alpine factory where they make the fast production Renaults like the Megane RS. His orders brought in substantial income for this small Italian carrozzeria, and it was likely this financial heft that allowed him to get his way on the matter. It was also intended for a two-door model to complement the four-door saloon in the Renault lineup. While I agree that it’s not up to the visual level of the A310, the GTA is still quite an attractive car, and (especially with the turbo) quite a performer. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Curbside Classic: 1971-76 Alpine A310 – Bittersweet Edge, Most of the early history of Alpine in this piece was drawn from, Professor Peter Stevens on his time contributing to the A310,, Vintage Photos: A Drive Down Sunset Strip in 1966 (Part 1) – The Google Street View Prequel, Curbside Outtake: 1989 Merkur XR4Ti – Last Merk Standing, The Changing Shape Of Cadillacs: 1959 DeVille and 2020 Escalade ESV – Same Wheelbase, Length and Width, Curbside Classic: 1971 Pontiac T-37 – We Build Confusion, Vintage Wishful Thinking: “Lazy Man’s Power Mower” – Air Conditioned Luxury. L’Alpine A310 comme modèle. I was vaguely aware of the Alpine cars, but learned a lot this morning! Renault therefore was stuck targeting the French Rally Championship as a last resort, which it eventually won in 1977. I certainly love absorbing all I can get from everyone else here . 3. Sometime around 1967, Michel Béligond joined Jean Rédélé and Roger Prieur in Dieppe, and they started working together on the new Alpine model at Rédélé’s kitchen table. [Topic officiel] Alpine A110 (1962-1978), aKa la Berlinette [Topic officiel] Alpine-Renault A310 (1971-1985) [Topic officiel] Trabant 601 : La voiture passe-muraille [Topic Officiel] Autobianchi A112 (1969-1986) Voir tous les sujets "Sujet officiel" Bon cadeau valable 12 mois sur + de 70 dates. It was during this period that he, Béligond, or the both of them together came to the early 1968 shape in Dieppe. Only one question comes to mind: is the A310’s nose possibly the inspiration for the Vauxhall Firenza “droop snoot” introduced in 1973? Alpine repeated that success at Le Mans with LMP2 class victory in 2018. I prefer the 15’s glasshouse, and thank goodness they both got the loop bumper. The car was powered by a succession of Renault engines. It was based out of Alpine’s Val Druel facilities and they soon scored big, with outright victory at the 1978 24 Heures du Mans in an Alpine A442B, earning themselves a tow down the Champs Elysees. Bryce made the same observations re the Firenza. The replacement for the A310, the V6 GT, appeared in 1985, with its chassis plate bearing the manufacturer’s formal name, Alpine Renault, but badged externally Renault Alpine. From that point he became one of France’s most accomplished and celebrated drivers in rally and endurance events. Alpine A310 Calberson. In 1973, Jean Rédélé sold a controlling interest in Alpine to Renault, though he remained involved with the marque. I have always had a soft spot for the Alpines, especially the A110, with the A130 close behind. It was also around the time of this stylistic transition that the decision must have been made to exchange the problematic 3 litre V8 with a four-cylinder engine. Alpine and Renault wanted the A310 to be equally successful on the rally circuit as the previous A110’s, naturally. Search - Personal photo gallery of Matthijs van Wageningen with the following categories; Aviation (Airshows), Animals (Zoo), (special) Events and Holidays. America didn’t get the GTA because of the Maserati version of the K-Car? Alongside its ’80s stablemate it really is tiny, but boy does it punch above its weight.

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