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Joy (Syria) . - Star Academy 8: Layan Bazlamit (Palestine)- 3 wins. Then, each Monday, the three weakest students are nominated. Ichraq Qamar (Tunisia) 1. .Marwa Bin Sughaiyer (Tunisia). Issa Almarzoug While the show is immensely popular among viewers, especially in Saudi Arabia, many conservative and religious leaders have criticized the show for promoting anti-Islamic behavior and ideals. Register for a STAR Academy Virtual Information Session so that you can learn more about our PreK, Kindergarten and Grades 1 - 5 program. |Hanane 63.23% Dena 22.16% Chantal 14.60 (Tie), Contestants who won the title without any nominations: ^Note 6.2 : Although it was a special prime for the children cancer center "St.Jude" in Lebanon both of them were not eliminated and their vote's percentage were donated automatically to St. jude children cancer medical center. Rayan (Lebanon) - Star Academy 8: Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt) - Star Academy 4: Mohamed Kammah (Egypt) – 2 wins. -Star Academy 11 - Star Academy 1: Soumaya (Tunisia) – 4 nominations (Tie) - Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon) – 3 wins. One of the show's highlights are the appearances of some of the Arab World's most important performers such as Najwa Karam, Diana Haddad, Haifa Wahbe, Elissa, Angham, Assala Nasri, Ramy Ayach, Myriam Fares, Kazem Al Saher, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Marwan Khoury, Carole Samaha, Ehab Tawfik, Wael Kfoury, Sherine, Fares Karam, Abdallah Al Rowaished, Saad Lamjarred and many more. - Star Academy 9: Nour Farawati (Syria) – 4 nominations (Tie) This week-long half day course will give campers a foundation in video game design using industry game engines. E-11 schematics. .Sa'ad Ramadan (Lebanon). Joseph, Hani, Hanaa, Chayma, Fady, Khalifa, Maya, Rakiya and Wajdi were chosen to be part of the tour. 13. Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon): 70.76%, Contestants that left from first nomination: Anis From Algerie Star Academy 11 [1], The show was adapted from a French show of the same name and is produced by Dutch company Endemol, Vanilla Productions & PAC Ltd. Star Academy Arab World is based on the Spanish format Operación Triunfo. . (Tie) - Star Academy 6: Mohammad Serag (Egypt)- 3 wins. This also had a few note worthy and historical things to mention for example, Ihab Amir made history as the first male Moroccan contestant since the first season and being the second male Moroccan contestant after Amine Errachidi in the first season. (Tie) . Abdulaziz Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia became the second Saudi Arabian, after Hisham Abdulrahman from season 2, to win the title. .Joseph Atteya (Lebanon); Winner. .Mohamed Kammah (Egypt). -Star Academy 6: Lara Skandar (Egypt) 0 Followers, 26 Following, 273 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @staracademy_11 Fawaz (Kuwait) (Tie) - Star Academy 4:Sally Ahmed (Egypt)- 2 wins. [5], Many individuals have also spoken out against the show, citing religious reasoning as well. - Star Academy 1: Mohammad Attia (Egypt)- 3 wins. All Rights Reserved. Her own supernatural power is slowly awakened and thus begins her new life with the heirs in this parallel world. Hisham, Amani, Zizi, Ahmad H, Bashar G, Katia, Samer, and Salma (once again, the Top 8) were chosen to be part of the tour. Hello this is a mini mod with mini scenarios with 5-10 minutes of gameplay time, mod I made by collecting add-ons such as some skin, model, effects published by the Jedi Academy community and adding videos and scenarios. Ihab Amir - Star academy 11. - Star Academy 4: Ali Al-Saad (KSA)- 4 wins. .Mohamed Ramadan (Jordan). Many also felt that this year was a step-down in the quality of students from the previous year, with only Amani, Zizi, and Ahmed being deemed good singers. Sport Star Academy (SSA) is Australia’s leading provider of skill based sports programs for children. However, the presenter, Hilda Khalife, said that Ahmad got 96%. - Star Academy 4: Sally (Egypt) – 5 nominations (Tie) There were also rumors that the Saudi Arabia government advised all their citizens to leave Lebanon due to the current unrest. . Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 11. At this point, it's completely up to the public to vote who is in and who is out, as the remaining candidates do not vote. (Tie) -Star Academy 1: 17. Once again, unlike the previous season, the tour chose to have 9 students to participate. (Tie) . Star Leadership Academy, Radcliffe will be a 5-form entry, 750 place, 11-16 secondary school. Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 15 Semi Final Hana - 23/01/2016 0 Star Academy's Semi Final prime was a bomb, with the guest star being the bomb-shell Haifa Wehbe. . .Amani Swisy (Tunisia). Ihab From Morocco Star academy 11 . -Star Academy 6: Golf lessons are professionally conducted by our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced golf professionals from the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA). .Mohamed Atteya (Egypt); Winner. 13. The candidate that took the 9th place, Bruno Tabbal, participated in the "World Best" contest that englobed about 11 countries that have this reality show in their country. 5. Rafayel Jabour - Star Academy 11. 22. Yasmine (Morocco) Chantal Jejae From Liban star academy 11 With Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Leonard Nimoy. This year's winner was Nassif Zaytoun from Syria. (Jordan) She is married to hotel owner Marc Moudabber and is the mother of a son named Sean and a daughter named Sienna. ^Note 4.1 : As there was a tie, Ali had the casting vote and he saved Sally. Directed by J.J. Abrams. . [6] In a column entitled "Star Academy’s Democracy" a female Saudi journalist wrote that "Arabs sheid away from voting because …[of fraud]… until satellite television… corrupted us by inciting us to vote: "vote you are the referee"…"nominate your favorite candidate"…the Arab viewer has become obsessed with voting because results resemble election results in the United States, where unlike Arab elected, no body wins by 99.9 percent but rather by logical proportions." There were also many other strong performers like Fadi, Khalifa, Rakiya, Maya, and Wajdi. (Tie) - Star Academy 1: Sophia (Morocco) – 4 nominations (Tie) Location: Sir Herbert Leon Academy. [2], The concept of the show is training the students in several disciplines: singing, acting, sports, vocalizing, theatre expression, dancing, and musical culture. Also being crowned as the most successful teenage singer in the Persian Gulf region was added to his success of being the Star Academy finalist. TABE 11/12 Academy is an online course that includes over 300 skill-based lessons and is perfectly aligned to the College and Career Readiness Standards. She is one of the most successful TV presenters in the Arab world. Star Academy 11. [11] Per contest rules, the public votes to save one contestant, and the remaining two are voted for by the other non nominated contestants. Nisrine (Lebanon) 16. While many choose to sing, talents are not restricted to vocal performances; acting and dancing are also common talents. Melyik volt a kedvenc produkciód a Star Academy győztesétől, Szőcs Renitől? H.A.R.-23/01/2016 0. Al-Riyah published a number of hostile op-eds entitled "Star Academy: A Corrupt Satellite Industry" and "Star Academy… The Other Terrorism" that harshly criticized the show. 1 en parlent. (Tie) 20. 2. 2032 Greenspring Drive Timonium, MD 21093 443-330-7780 - Star Academy 2: Amani Swaisi (Tunisia) 19. Menna Hany - Star Academy 9: Taher Mostafa (Egypt) – 2 wins. |Ihab 48.60% Dena 51.40% Religious leaders were not the only one to speak out against the show, though. 5. Star Academy Arab World or Star Academy Arabia, is a pan-Arab televised talent show, which has aired since 2003. Cheng Zhi Er, who has been bullied all her life, was suddenly recruited for enrollment at this academy. .Shatha Hassoun (Iraq); First Female Winner. - Star Academy 3: Joseph Attieyh (Lebanon) - Star Academy 7: Mohammed Ramadan (Jordan) – 3 wins. [1], The show centers around the 16 candidates who compete in weekly talent competitions, singing, dancing, and acting during on-stage performances. The Finale. (Tie) Randa (Egypt) [3], The show proved to be immensely popular. 7. However, the most successful was Ahmed El Sherif (Tunisia), despite coming in the 5th place. ... STAR Academy is a leader in teaching the fundamentals of video game design. .Heidi Moussa (Egypt) We work together to ensure our pupils are able to reach for the stars. Lilia Ben Chikha Lebanon announced on Wednesday that its vaccination, Lebanon’s ministers are deliberating the possible, U.N. sponsored talks produced a new interim government for Libya on Friday, Sad Moments in Life: When kicked out with her family from her house, by her father, Sad Moments in Life: When an ex Star Academy student and friend passed away, Sad Moments in Life: When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, Sad Moments in Life: saying goodbye to his father, Sad Moments in Life: When she sang over the dead body of a friend, Sad Moments in Life: Seperation from girlfriend, Sad Moments in Life: A friend traveled to Italy, Sad Moments in Life: Death of a grandmother, Favorite Artist: Oum Kolthoum, Asala, Wadih Safi, Sad Moments in Life: Stabbing in the back of some friends, Sad Moments in Life: Illness of her brother. Mohamad A, Bashar, Bahaa, Ahmad, Mohamad K, Sophia, Cynthia, and Myriam (the Top 8) were chosen to be part of the tour. The school will continue to admit a new intake of Year 7 pupils at the beginning of each academic year. Ali ?% Chantal ?% Camps 11+ Half-Day Skills Camps. Ihab Amir - Star academy 11. - Star Academy 5:Dia'a Taybi (Morocco)- 3 wins. 11. Star Academy 2: Hisham Abdulrahman (KSA): 85.04% If they pass, they will be able to join the class. .Rahma Mezher (Iraq) Even though he did sing in Arabic on rare occasions, many felt that his Arabic singing was nowhere near up to the standards of the other contestants, and not worthy of a variety show that is primarily in Arabic. (Tie) - Star Academy 7: Mohamed Ramadan (Jordan) He made history by being the first contestant from Syria to win. [7], Other liberals were exasperated by the conservatives’ excessive reaction to Star Academy. -Star Academy 5: Star Academy est une émission de télévision française de télé réalité musicale diffusée sur TF1 du 20 octobre 2001 au 19 décembre 2008 puis sur NRJ 12 sous le nom Star Academy Revolution à partir du 6 décembre 2012, jusqu'au 28 février 2013.La présentation est assurée par Nikos Aliagas sur TF1, puis par Matthieu Delormeau et Tonya Kinzinger sur NRJ 12. - Star Academy 2: Ahmed S (Bahrain) – 4 nominations (Tie) Star Academy 3: Fady Andraos (Palestine): 67.08% (Tie) Super Star Academy Episode 11; 超能星学园 Episode 11; Chao Neng Xing Xue Yuan Episode 11; Chao Xing Xing Xue Yuan Episode 11; ; In a parallel world, Super Star Academy ranks people based on one's horoscope sign. -Star Academy 4: Sally Ahmed (Egypt) ^Note 3.1 : As there was a tie, Mohammad Ibrahim had the casting vote and he saved Mohamed Dossary In 2011, most Star Academy series outside of Africa and the Middle East were phased out in favor of another musical competition format from Endemol, The Voice . - Star Academy 8: Sarah Farah (Syria) – 2 wins. - Star Academy 10: Mohammad Chahine (Egypt) ^Note 5.2 : As there was a tie, Dia had the casting vote and she saved Amal M Mayssa Mejri - Star Academy 6: Basma Boussil (Morocco) Shada Hassoun, from Iraq and Morocco, made history by being the first girl to take the title. ‎جميع صور وفيديوهات واخبار Ihab Amir حصريا على صفحتنا ندعمه للحصول على اللقب‎ Soukaina Boukries Murtada (Iraq) [4] In response to countless questions from religious Saudi viewers who questioned whether or not it was religiously haram (prohibited) or halal (permitted) to watch the show and participate in the voting component of Star Academy, the Permanent Committee for Scientific Research and the Issuing of Fatwas issued a related fatwa (religious ruling) that prohibited watching, discussing, voting in, or participating in Star Academy, as well as urging businessmen not to finance this or any similar show. The teachers were as follows: Wadih Abi Raad, Michael Fadel, Mary Mahfouth, Betty Taoutel, Aida Sabra, Elissar Karakalla and Rola Saad. ^Note 3.2 : As there was a tie, Rym had the casting vote and she saved Mohammad Ibrahim Nassif, Rahma, Mohamed R, Ramy, Badria, Sultan, Asma, Tahra, Mahmoud, Zeina, Abdulaziz, Miral and Rayan were chosen to be part of the tour, but following the shocking and unexpected death of Ramy, the tour was cancelled. The show features a group of young male and female candidates who are selected from a pan-Arab pool of more than three-thousand and are sequestered for four months in "The Academy," a four-story building in Lebanon, where they live, train, and compete against one another every week. At the end of the show, an album featuring the Top 8 was released, as well as a music video for the winner. The season was produced by Endemol Shine Middle East and broadcast on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International aka LBC Lebanon) and Capital Broadcasting Center aka CBC (Egypt) tv networks. ^Note 3.4 : He withdrew from the academy after being nominated and saved by his colleagues vote and not by the public's vote. ^Note 5.3 : He withdrew from the academy in the semifinals week due to several fights with Mohamad qwidaer which made him take the decision to leave the academy. It was also the first time where the Top finishing students did not all go on tour. - Star Academy 3: Rym Ghazali (Algeria) – 5 wins; More than any contestant in Star Academy history.

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